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2014-05-20 23:07:35

Traveling Therapeutic Massage Service Now Offering Licensed In Home Massage by Prescription through Local, State and Federal Government Workers Compensation Claims, as well as Private Sector Corporate Work Injury Claims Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2014 Body Well Therapy Mobile Massage has formally announced that it is now accepting workman's compensation patients virtually nationwide, and has the ability to bill in-home massage services through workman's compensation...

2014-05-09 23:01:44

It’s spring at last, and with it comes a welcome return to outdoor activity. If you’re taking your fitness regimen outside, after months of exercising indoors, be aware that running or jogging on roads and trails means a major change to the impact exerted on feet and ankles. Danbury, CT (PRWEB) May 09, 2014 Stress fractures are a unique type of injury that occurs when the bones are overworked. The lower extremity, and specifically the foot and ankle region, accounts for the majority...

2014-05-07 23:12:01

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics Foot and Ankle Program, led by Dr. Mark E. Schakel-- the only California board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon north of San Francisco-- provides a comprehensive array of treatment alternatives covering nonsurgical as well as surgical methods to overcome a patient’s pain and lost function due to an ankle injury. Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2014 Ankle fractures typically involve a partial or complete break in a bone and they...

2014-05-05 23:06:09

A new study released today in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine demonstrates the regenerative effects of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) on the anal sphincter. The work could have implications for the 11 percent of the population suffering fecal incontinence due to an injury or disease. Durham, NC (PRWEB) May 05, 2014 A new study released today in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine demonstrates the regenerative effects of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) on the anal sphincter. The work could have...

2014-05-01 23:16:02

Royal Flush Havanese shares with readers common household items that can help relieve minor canine injuries and ailments. Charlestown, RI (PRWEB) May 01, 2014 All pet owners know that every once in a while, dogs are bound to come down with some sort of sickness or injury that will need medical care. A trip to the vet can be costly and unnecessary, especially when there are many natural remedies dog owners can administer from their own homes. Royal Flush Havanese shares with readers some...

2014-04-30 16:29:43

More than just sports injury rehab, physiotherapists know how the body works, how to keep it moving and how to get it moving again. OTTAWA, April 30, 2014 /CNW/ - Physiotherapy is a constantly expanding profession. Since it first took root in Canada's health system after the First World War, physiotherapy has evolved in terms of the scope of conditions it can treat, the range of people being treated and the skill level of its practitioners. What began as a drug-free method to...

2014-04-29 23:13:59

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) treatment methodology is based on correcting the spine to bring it close to a calculated ideal curvature and postural positioning. This should result in the reduction of pain and any alleviate the underlying cause of discomfort or chronic pain and injury. New York, NY (PRWEB) April 29, 2014 Dr Jose Cortes recently finished a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) Advanced Full Spine Analysis seminar in New York. This will further expand his already vast knowledge of...

2014-04-29 23:04:48

Insurance Lawyer to the Pros, Frank N. Darras offers analysis as to why disability insurance can protect athletes from even the most unpredictable type of injury. Ontario, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2014 Hornets attacked golfer Pablo Larrazabal during round two of the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur. He was able to get away from them after jumping into a lake near the 14th hole but not after being stung several times. On site doctors were able give him a few shots to ward off any potentially...

2014-04-25 10:00:34

Better-educated people appear to be significantly more likely to recover from a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), suggesting that a brain’s “cognitive reserve” may play a role in helping people get back to their previous lives, new Johns Hopkins research shows. The researchers, reporting in the journal Neurology, found that those with the equivalent of at least a college education are seven times more likely than those who didn’t finish high school to be...

Study Finds 2.5 Million Basketball Injuries To High School Athletes In 6 Seasons
2014-04-23 11:36:22

[ Watch the Video: Basketball Injuries In High School Athletes On The Rise ] Nationwide Children's Hospital Study calls for more access to on-site athletic trainers to properly assess injuries Basketball is a popular high school sport in the United States with 1 million participants annually. A recently published study by researchers in the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital is the first to compare and describe the occurrence and...

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Cold Compression Therapy
2013-03-04 15:59:27

Cold Compression Therapy is used to reduce pain and edema (swelling) for instances such as soft tissue injuries, strains, sprains, or post-surgical therapy. As the name suggests, the therapy includes the application of cold (cryotherapy) but also includes the principles of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Cryotherapy, application of cold or ice to the painful area, lowers the metabolic rate of the tissue and prevents further injury to the site from the inflammatory...

2010-12-03 16:24:27

A goaltender mask, referred to a goalie mask, is worn by an ice hockey, inline hockey, and field hockey goaltenders in order to protect them from injury. In 1959, Jacques Plante was the first to create and use a practical mask. It was made of fiberglass that was contoured to his face although it eventually morphed into a helmet/cage combination. However, the single full fiberglass mask is much more popular option due to its safety. This mask changed the way goaltenders played since it...

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