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2011-01-13 07:42:51

Two French agricultural research organizations have said the world will be able to feed some nine billion people in 2050 as long as massive changes in farming practices, eating habits and consumption are changed now. In a joint report published Jan. 12, the two groups laid out findings gathered from 2006 to 2008 that could overturn many current assumptions about the state of global farming. In less than 40 years, the world will have to make farming more productive but less dependent on...

2009-10-08 06:50:00

In order to provide the future nine-billion people that are expected to be on Earth in 2050 with food without creating an unsustainable burden on the environment, there will have to be a huge change in eating and agricultural practices, French researchers announced on Wednesday. Two institutions joined up to determine what could possibly occur over the course of the next forty years as the world's population soars to around 2.5 billion. They based the statistics for the study on food...

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Agronomy for Sustainable Development
2012-06-04 18:51:36

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Springer Science+Business Media. The journal was founded in 1981, at which time less than 10 percent of published material was in English. The journal underwent a series of major changes from 2003 to 2006, including the addition of extra field editors, switching from hardcopy to full electronic managing, producing all English material, and setting up a pre-selection committee at the submission stage....

Agronomy for Sustainable Development
2012-05-07 07:00:51

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1981 as “Agronomie.”  It is published by Springer Science+Business Media. It is managed under the authority of two National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA) departments: the Departments of Environment and Agronomy, and Sciences for Action and Development. Submitted articles are first evaluated by a pre-selection committee that rejects about 50 percent of incoming manuscripts. Selected...

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