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Wobble Of The Earth Rings The Ocean Dinner Bell For Tiny Ocean Creatures
2013-09-14 04:18:52

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online The nutrient known as “fixed” nitrogen, which is essential to the health of the ocean, is controlled by the cyclic wobble of the Earth on its axis, researchers from Princeton University and the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) claim in research appearing in the journal Nature. According to the study authors, the discovery will give scientists new insight into how the ocean regulates its own life-support system,...

2010-06-10 11:55:00

Scientists have developed robots that are able to "dock" with each other and fly together in a swarm. Using infrared beams, the drones can find each other's location and connect with one another using magnets. The vehicles, or quadrocopters, have fixed propellers that help them lift up in the air, but the resulting flight is erratic and uncontrolled. However, once they are joined with other quadrocopters, the robots evolve into a sophisticated multi-propeller system capable of coordinated...

2010-05-07 07:25:00

Swiss researchers have come up with a way to significantly reduce the carbon footprint caused by heat generated from supercomputers. On Thursday, researchers from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich unveiled a new water-cooling system, called Aquasar, which will potentially cut down on excess power consumption that accounts for nearly half the energy a data center uses in powering air cooling systems necessary to prevent overheating. "With Aquasar, we are achieving an important...

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