Latest Insular cortex Stories

2009-11-29 08:49:46

Researchers using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study brain activation have found that men and women respond differently to positive and negative stimuli.

2009-11-03 08:47:24

A new study suggests that the inner sense of our cardiovascular state, our "interoceptive awareness" of the heart pounding, relies on two independent pathways, contrary to what had been asserted by prominent researchers.

2009-08-27 16:44:48

People with psoriasis – an often distressing dermatological condition that causes lesions and red scaly patches on the skin – are less likely to react to looks of disgust by others than people without the condition, new research has found.

2009-08-17 15:59:10

UCLA psychologists have determined for the first time that a gene linked with physical pain sensitivity is associated with social pain sensitivity as well.

2009-07-15 08:20:00

What is going on in teenagers' brains as their drive for peer approval begins to eclipse their family affiliations? Brain scans of teens sizing each other up reveal an emotion circuit activating more in girls as they grow older, but not in boys.

2009-06-10 09:57:39

Clinicians from the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) have perfected an operation, which was previously considered too dangerous, to control refractory insular epilepsy, using an innovative microsurgery technique.

2009-02-20 22:51:35

The brains of thrill seekers differ from those of who avoid risky behavior, U.S. researchers suggest. Psychologists Jane E. Joseph, Xun Liu, Yang Jiang and Thomas H.

2009-02-12 09:05:00

Why do people gamble if they know that the house always wins? Researchers at the University of Cambridge argue that near-misses, where the gambler narrowly misses out on the jackpot, may provide part of the answer.

2009-01-23 09:18:29

Duke University Medical System researchers have discovered there are differing taste pathways for nicotine, which could provide a new approach for future smoking-cessation products.