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2008-01-08 16:40:00

Intel Corp Chief Executive Paul Otellini revealed advanced microchips for portable devices and home electronics at Monday's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, sensing a new growth opportunity as its main processor market matures.Intel's microprocessors power nearly 80 percent of the world's personal computers, but Otellini made few references toward PCs, which the company has pushed as digital media hubs at past CES shows. Otellini told CES "We're now in the midst of the largest...

2005-08-23 12:48:56

SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel Corp. said on Tuesday it is combining its desktop and notebook microprocessor architectures, as the world's largest chipmaker focuses on boosting the power efficiency of its chips. The move is the latest as Intel shifts its focus from making chips that run at ever higher clock speeds, which are now measured in gigahertz, to making chips that have a higher performance per watt. Such performance is key for small, mobile devices as well as computers in data centers eager...

2004-12-21 09:10:00

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- For decades, computer performance has been driven largely by the increasing numbers of ever-smaller transistors squeezed into the machines' silicon brains. With each generation, speeds jumped and prices dropped. Though the tiny switches built in silicon are the heart of the digital revolution, they can't shrink forever. And in recent years, chip companies have struggled to keep a lid on power and heat - the result of some transistor components getting as thin as a...

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Ariel Atom
2013-11-03 13:28:01

The Ariel Atom is a high performance sports car manufactured by the Ariel Motor Company from Crewkerne, Somerset, England. There have been five models produced as road legal vehicles: the Ariel Atom, Ariel Atom 2, Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom 3.5, and the Ariel Atom 500 V8. There were also Limited Editions manufactured: the Ariel Atom 3 Mugen Limited Edition, with only ten produced, and the Ariel Atom 500 V8 Limited Edition, with only 25 to be produced. Current production models are the Atom 3.5...

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