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2011-02-02 08:30:19

Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it would issue refunds to all customers who had purchased its personal computers built with a flawed chipset from microprocessor maker Intel Corp. The announcement comes after Intel said it had discovered a design flaw in its new line of Sandy Bridge microchips and had sent out around 100,000 of the faulty chipsets before making the discovery. Intel said the problem is expected to cost the company $1 billion in repairs and lost revenue, while delaying the...

2011-02-01 07:45:00

Microprocessor giant Intel Corp, on the verge of a major product launch, found a defect in one of its chips, which could affect its credibility at a time when demand for microprocessors in PCs is being threatened. Intel said Monday that it had stopped shipments of the chip used in personal computers and has already started production on a new version of its Sandy Bridge line of processors. The design flaw is another distraction for Intel, as personal computer sales are slow moving, and a...

2011-01-18 09:30:35

U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp. is expected to invest $2.7 billion over the next two years updating its chip manufacturing plant in southern Israel to produce 22 nanometer technology, according to a recent Reuters report. The amount includes a 740 million shekel ($210 million) grant recently approved by the Israeli government. "We are already in preparation for hiring," Maxine Fassberg, general manager of Intel Israel, told a news conference. "We are scheduled to start production in December."...

2011-01-09 08:55:00

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, learned how insidious and demanding mobile devices can be when he tried to demonstrate a tablet computer at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday.While demonstrating the tablet PC, so many people in the audience had their devices connected to the Web that the network collapsed and his presentation short-circuited after a few minutes."You guys suck," he exclaimed.Huang's remark betrayed a private sentiment shared by some of...

2011-01-06 07:40:00

Intel Corp unveiled its next-generation microchips Wednesday morning at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, saying their superior graphics and content protection capabilities marked one of the company's most important breakthroughs. "The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are stunning," said Intel PC client head Mooly Eden in a statement accompanying the unveiling. The statement was entitled: "Intel Brings 'Eye Candy' to Masses with Newest Laptop, PC...

2010-12-09 12:18:22

Intel Corp. said it is going to launch chips designed for tablet computers and smartphones late next year, attempting to establish its foot in the fast-growing market. The company said that the new chips will invigorate its mobile business, which has struggled to gain momentum amid sales of Apple's iPad tablets and smartphones using Google's Android operating system. "The consumer (tablet) products will roll out over the first half of next year," Chief Executive Paul Otellini told analysts...

2010-10-29 07:21:43

A joint venture by Intel Corp, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba Corp is looking to develop technologies in the hopes of cutting semiconductor line widths by half to nearly 10 nanometers by 2016, according to a report by the Nikkei daily. Samsung and Toshiba -- the world's top 2 makers of NAND-type memory -- are joining up with world's largest chipmaker Intel and plan to invite around 10 other firms operating in semiconductor and related fields, the Nikkei said. Japan's Ministry of Economy,...

2010-10-19 12:20:00

Intel Corp said on Tuesday that it will invest $8 billion into producing next-generation computer chips. Intel said the investment over the next several years will fund deployment of its 22-nanometer (nm) chip manufacturing process across several factories in the U.S. The microprocessor maker said it will also fund construction of a new fabrication plant in Oregon. It said it will begin production of its first 22nm microprocessors in late 2011. Intel said the project will support 6,000 to...

2010-08-31 06:01:47

Intel Corp. is buying German chipmaker Infineon Technologies' Wireless Solutions Business (WLS) for $1.4 billion, in a deal that marks Intel's second major acquisition in the past two weeks. The move is part of Intel's strategy to expand its reach into the lucrative mobile phone market. "The WLS transaction is a strategic decision for Intel and Infineon," Intel in a statement on its website. "WLS complements Intel's existing assets and enables growth in mobile computing, smartphones and...

2010-08-04 10:17:00

Provisions are Designed to Foster Competition in the Computer Chip Business WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Federal Trade Commission approved a settlement with Intel Corp. that resolves charges the company illegally stifled competition in the market for computer chips. Intel has agreed to provisions that will open the door to renewed competition and prevent Intel from suppressing competition in the future. The settlement goes beyond the terms applied to Intel in previous...

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