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2009-06-18 13:23:53

Intel Corp. is going to phase out some of its brands in order to focus on fewer top names as the company seeks new markets such as mobile devices. Intel said on Wednesday that it will stop using "Centrino" to refer to personal computers starting next year.  Instead, it will use that brand to refer to WiFi and WiMax-based wireless products. Intel also said it would phase out sub-categories of its Core brand, such as "Core 2 Duo" which has been used in Apple products. "We have a complex...

2009-06-02 10:30:00

The largest chipmaker in the world, Intel Corp., launched on Monday a lighter, power-saving microprocessor intended for use in ultra-thin laptops. The new processor comes during a time when investors fear that cheaper processors like the Atom, designed for use in ultra-cheap netbooks, are taking over the market share for more expensive chips. Asustek and Acer said that they will build laptops that have the chip, and Microsoft has ensured its software supports it. By the fourth quarter of...

2009-05-27 15:10:00

Intel Corp. said Wednesday that the record-setting $1.5 billion antitrust fine imposed by the European Union would not affect the company's dividends or investments. "There's still plenty of cash flow from operations to invest in our business, pay the fine and pay the dividend," said Intel CFO Stacy Smith during an analyst event in London. "As we've said in the Q1 earnings call, we are not having any conversations about cutting the dividend." Smith's presentation included a slide indicating...

2009-05-27 05:45:00

A spokesman said on Tuesday that Intel Corp. is planning to produce a more powerful version of its Xeon multiprocessor chip for servers. The new chip will go on sale in the first quarter of next year.  There have been no prices attached to the chip, but the chip is succeeding the Xeon 7400 which is priced from $1,100 to $2,700. The Nehalem Ex, which is the code-name for the new chip, will provide improvements by increasing the number of cores inside a single chip from six to eight. ...

2009-05-13 09:35:00

Intel Corp was fined by the European Commission a record $1.45 billion on Wednesday and directed to freeze illegal rebates along with any other practices being used to beat out its competition, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The Commission found that the world's biggest chipmaker, Intel, paid to have computer manufacturers and retailers to not introduce products using AMD chips, and offered illegal rebates to encourage the use of Intel chips as well as paid a retailer to stock computers with...

2009-05-12 05:00:00

CONYERS, Ga., May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets: GCKO) announced today that they have entered into substantive and confidential discussions with three of the top five personal computer manufacturers regarding usage and high volume purchase of their low cost, low power netbook computers using Intel's Atom CPU in their "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(tm)." "Because of the very favorable results in our evaluation of Intel's Atom CPU...

2009-05-11 06:25:00

Antitrust regulators from the European Union are expected to announce this week that Intel Corp illegally paid computer makers to postpone or delay the release of products containing chips from Intel competitors. On Wednesday, the European Commission will order changes to Intel Corp's business practices for what the EU sees as "naked restrictions" to competition, said sources familiar to the case. The EU is also expected to fine the corporation, although there has been no indication as to how...

2009-04-22 13:06:15

First quarter losses increased significantly for Advanced Micro Devices, as demand and prices for its microprocessors slumped and charges for the biggest restructuring in the company's 40-year history showed an effect, The Associated Press reported. However, Wall Street had originally projected worse. After the market closed Tuesday, AMD reported a $416 million, or 66 cents per share, loss in the opening three months of the year. But analysts said the loss would have been 62 cents per share...

2009-04-15 07:03:49

Wall Street's bleak predictions of Intel Corp.'s first-quarter profit report went out the window on Tuesday when the California-based company's CEO announced that although computer sales had "bottomed out," they were on a fast track to recovery. Being the only technology company to report profit gain for the first three months of 2009, Intel's achievement is especially significant.  But Intel did not offer explicit revenue direction.  It is unclear whether the company's gains are...

2009-04-08 09:55:00

The world's biggest chip producer, Intel Corp, is not sure when semiconductor manufacturing will revitalize, Chairman Craig Barrett announced on Wednesday. After being inquired as to when he anticipated seeing an increase in the chip industry, Barrett stated that the stimulus packages being handed out by governments would most likely affect the economy in the upcoming six to 18 months. "So you pick your time that you want the recovery to occur in that six to 18-month period, and your guess is...

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