Latest Interleukin 12 Stories

2012-10-15 16:31:08

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that affects approximately 2% of the world's population.

2012-06-11 20:07:02

The human immune system has a natural ability to identify and attack tumor cells.

2012-05-09 19:24:23

Rather than stimulating immune cells to more effectively battle cancerous tumors, treatment with the protein interleukin-12 (IL-12) has the opposite effect, driving these intracellular fighters to exhaustion, a Mayo Clinic study has found.

2011-05-10 15:37:08

Researchers with UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have discovered a way to amp up the power of killer T-cells, called CD8 cells, making them more functional for longer periods of time and boosting their ability to multiply and expand within the body to fight melanoma, a new study has found.

2010-01-20 17:25:03

WHAT: A new study in human cells has singled out a molecule that specifically directs immune cells to develop the capability to produce an allergic response.

2009-09-15 12:00:40

British scientists say they've identified the master gene that causes blood stem cells to turn into disease-fighting immune cells. Imperial College London researchers say their finding could help scientists boost the body's production of tumor-killing cells, creating new ways to treat cancer. The researchers

2009-01-21 13:17:21

Canadian medical researchers say they have discovered a new anti-cancer, anti-infection response control mechanism. Dr. Andre Veillette of the Institute of Research Clinics in Montreal, and his team led by postdoctoral fellow Dr.

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