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2012-08-31 13:46:18

Experts at Beijing meeting report progress in preparing farmers to resist Ug99; Warn that vast wheat-growing regions of N. Africa, Central Asia remain at-risk The world's top wheat experts today reported a breakthrough in their ability to track Ug99 and related strains of a deadly and rapidly mutating wheat pathogen called stem rust that threatens wheat fields from East Africa to South Asia. With data submitted by farmers and scientists from fields and laboratories, the creators of the...

2011-04-20 15:08:33

Researchers meeting at a scientific conference in Aleppo this week reported that aggressive new strains of wheat rust diseases "“ called stem rust and stripe rust "“ have decimated up to 40% of farmers' wheat fields in recent harvests. Areas affected are North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucuses, including Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Kenya. "These epidemics increase the price of food and pose a real threat to rural...

2009-09-23 08:05:31

Scientists gather in Buenos Aires to find a way forward for agriculture in vast dry areas, where the poor are most vulnerable to land degradation and climate change As climate change negotiators continue to skirt the role of agricultural land use in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, top scientists working on land management in the world's vast dry areas will gather this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, determined to make the case that thwarting desertification in drylands is viable and also...

2009-09-11 10:46:03

Scientists in Aleppo, Syria, propose to establish international repository laboratory of wheat rust pathogens as efforts intensify to repel existing invasions and anticipate new ones Wheat experts from 26 countries warn that rapidly-moving, wind-borne transboundary wheat diseases continue to threaten food security and wheat genetic diversity worldwide "” particularly in the ancient breadbasket stretching from the Middle East to India "” as they vowed new action to isolate and...

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