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2005-09-25 03:16:17

By Tomasz Janowski WARSAW (Reuters) - Poles vote on Sunday in an election expected to push the European Union's biggest new member to the right and set the pace of economic reform stalled under the ruling left. In 16 years since the fall of communism no Polish government has ever won re-election and the first vote since the EU entry is no exception. Opinion polls show voters will punish the ex-communists for their four years in power marred by corruption scandals and high...

2005-09-24 09:08:43

By Tomasz Janowski WARSAW (Reuters) - Poles vote on Sunday in a parliamentary election expected to move the European Union's biggest newcomer to the right and set the pace of economic reform. Opinion polls show voters will punish the left for its four-year rule marred by corruption scandals and high unemployment and back two center-right parties rooted in the anti-communist Solidarity movement. The surveys point to a joint landslide for the Civic Platform and Law and Justice with...

2005-09-08 13:25:18

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Public anger over the slow government response to Hurricane Katrina could deal a long-term blow to the Republican Party's aggressive effort to woo black voters, already the most loyal Democratic bloc. The high-profile Republican effort to win black support became much tougher, analysts said, after days of images of poor and largely black crowds pleading in vain for help in a devastated New Orleans. The resulting...

2005-07-17 17:22:30

By Peter Griffiths LONDON (Reuters) - Former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, who took Britain into the forerunner of the European Union during his term in office in the early 1970s, died at home on Sunday, his party said. He was 89. Heath ruled Britain from 1970 to 1974 but after losing power was ousted as Conservative Party leader by Margaret Thatcher, who went on to serve three terms. As prime minister, he successfully negotiated Britain's entry into the European Economic...

2005-07-17 01:02:36

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has welcomed the election of a new leader for Taiwan's main opposition party who rules out independence for the island. A day after the Nationalist Party chose Taipei mayor Ma Ying-jeou as its new chairman, Chinese President Hu Jintao said he looked forward to his Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Nationalists promoting links between the island and the mainland. The Nationalist Party (KMT) favors closer relations across the Taiwan Strait, in contrast to the...

2005-07-13 22:19:30

By Alice Hung TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's main Nationalist opposition selects a new leader on Saturday, nearly three months after reconciling with China's ruling Communists, in a vote seen as an early primary for the presidential race in 2008. The two leading candidates both favor closer ties with China, which considers self-ruled Taiwan its own, and have vowed to follow the trail led by incumbent chairman Lien Chan who ended decades of hostility with a historic trip to Beijing in April....

2005-07-10 10:02:33

By Claudia Kade BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's conservative opposition would try to repair relations between Berlin and Washington if it won a planned general election, according to its program for government seen by Reuters on Sunday. Christian Democrat (CDU) leader and chancellor candidate Angela Merkel is due to present the conservatives' election manifesto on Monday ahead of an expected September poll. According to the final draft, a conservative government Germany would seek to...

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