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2012-01-11 10:18:09

Jason Nickerson and Amir Attaran of the University of Ottawa, Canada examine in this week's PLoS Medicine the vast inequities in medical pain relief around the world, arguing that the imbalance has arisen from restrictive drug laws designed to prevent access to illegal substances, and proposing that the global control of licit narcotics be shifted from the International Narcotic Control Board to WHO. The authors say: "Transferring the public health responsibility for controlled medicines...

2010-02-24 12:17:28

The UN's top global drug regulator said on Wednesday that more people are turning to prescription drug abuse than cocaine, heroin and ecstasy combined. The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said that use of "date-rape drugs" is climbing as well, as sexual predators find new ways to get around the tight controls on substances by switching to drugs not banned by international drug laws. Drugs like ketamine and gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) have replaced Rohypnol, which was one of the...

2009-03-18 08:00:55

The United Nations issued a few procedures on Tuesday over how to stop Internet drug markets from governments that are besieged by the increase in prescription drug abuse. A U.S. study discovered that only two of 365 online pharmacies were lawful, by selling any controlled substances with requisite prescriptions, International Narcotics Control Board chief Hamid Ghodse stated. In some countries, prescription drug trafficking and abuse is equivalent to the use of heroin, cocaine and...

2009-02-19 16:29:39

The United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) warned on Thursday against underestimating the risks of cannabis. "The international community may wish to review the issue of cannabis," wrote the INCB in its annual report. "Over the years, cannabis has become more potent and is associated with an increasing number of emergency room admissions," the report said. Often known as a "gateway drug," cannabis is often the first illicit drug taken by young people, and can lead to...

2008-11-13 13:10:00

In an operation codenamed Pangea, authorities raided businesses in nine countries on Wednesday suspected of illegally supplying medicines over the internet, officials reported Thursday. The unprecedented collaboration, which was coordinated by Interpol, marks the first time that such action has been taken on an international scale, an Interpol spokeswoman said. The sweep involved dozens of locations in Germany, Britain, Israel, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, the U.S. and...

2006-03-01 08:12:38

By Francois Murphy VIENNA (Reuters) - The synthetic drug methamphetamine has become a greater concern in the United States and other countries than heroin or cocaine, the U.N. narcotics watchdog said on Wednesday. Sold on the street in various forms known as 'meth', 'speed' and 'ice', the drug has spread from Southeast Asia to parts of the world where it was virtually unknown until recently, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said. The spread to Africa and eastern...

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