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2011-03-30 07:56:57

Brain growth in babies is linked to the amount of time and energy mothers ‘invest’, according to this study.

2011-03-25 19:09:27

How does your best friend feel when people act needy?

2011-03-23 14:32:14

Having sex for the first time can improve or degrade your self-image depending on whether you are male or female.

2011-03-09 09:52:30

Researchers have found that romance begins to fall flat after 36-months into a relationship, where couples begin to take each other for granted, argue ever more and lose their sexual appetite.

2011-02-10 20:54:22

Romantic relationships often start out as enjoyable or even exciting, but sometimes may become routine and boring.

2011-02-10 09:14:00

ATLANTA, Feb. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Smooching, snogging, sucking face, swapping spit, tonsil hockey...no matter what the alias, kissing is universally recognized as a sign of affection.

2011-02-08 12:05:00

CINCINNATI, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Love and science have always had a special relationship, spanning from concocting ancient potions and continuing right through online compatibility computer matching services.

2011-01-20 10:36:45

Married people may think they communicate well with their partners, but psychologists have found that they don’t always convey messages to their loved ones as well as they think — and in some cases, the spouses communicate no better than strangers.

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