Latest Intervention Stories

2014-04-28 23:11:42

Getting someone who is deep into his or her drug addiction to admit that they need help can be troublesome and painful.

2014-04-26 23:03:04

Drug addiction is simply too much for many people that watch someone they care about slip into the abyss of drugs. They do have somewhere to get immediate help, though.

2014-04-25 23:10:11

Taking a chance to stop a loved one's continued downward fall into deeper drug addiction is worth it for family and friends.

2014-04-25 23:10:08

Having a person stop their drug abuse forever can take far more resources than family and friends have available. That's the time to call for professional help.

2014-04-23 23:14:37

People who take drugs day after day and hope they change their lives for the better usually have a tough time giving them up without outside help.

2014-04-22 23:14:27

Medical professionals now offer a full psychiatric evaluation for detoxification. Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 22, 2014 Alcoholism is an addiction behavior,

2014-04-21 23:08:54

Intervention can get a drug addict to re-evaluate his or her life immediately and make different choices, and professional help is available.

2014-04-20 23:01:56

Finding a way to take drugs and their harmful effects out of a person's life can be done with professional help.

2014-04-19 23:01:48

An individual trapped in the depths of drug addiction sometimes needs a push toward new choices, and having an intervention is one way.

2014-04-18 23:06:56

Making a person understand that their chronic drug abuse is causing serious problems can sometimes need outside help.

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