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2011-06-28 09:30:00

BETHESDA, Md., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities with family and friends. For many people, a day at the beach, on the boat, or at a backyard barbecue will include drinking alcoholic beverages. But excessive drinking and summer activities don't mix. Drinking impairs both physical and mental abilities, and it also decreases inhibitions--which can lead to tragic consequences on the water, on the road, and in the great outdoors. In fact, research...

2011-05-24 09:57:27

The popular, formerly caffeinated, fruity alcoholic beverage, Four Loko, has been blamed for the spike in alcohol-related hospitalizations, especially throughout college campuses. Initially, caffeine was deemed the culprit and the Food and Drug Administration ordered all traces of caffeine to be removed from Four Loko and all other similar beverages. However, according to an upcoming evaluation in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science,...

2010-10-26 14:16:00

CHICAGO, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Nicknamed "blackout in a can" or "liquid cocaine," alcoholic energy drink Four Loko seems like the perfect cocktail because the combination of alcohol and caffeine can heighten the buzz for those drinking it. The mix can be especially tempting for college students, even more so if they have or are predisposed to alcoholism. Dr. Kimberly Dennis, Medical Director at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, warns the effects can be seriously damaging...

2010-06-21 20:45:30

Keeping livestock away from poisonous locoweed during seasons when it's a forage favorite is one way ranchers can protect their animals and their profits, according to a 20-year collaboration by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and their university partners. The ARS researchers teamed up with New Mexico State University (NMSU) scientists to study locoweed poisoning in U.S. livestock and devise ways to minimize or prevent losses. When livestock graze on locoweed, the plant's...

2009-12-07 14:33:57

People who drink may want to know that coffee won't sober them up, according to new laboratory research. Instead, a cup of coffee may make it harder for people to realize they're drunk. What's more, popular caffeinated "alcohol-energy" drinks don't neutralize alcohol intoxication, suggest the findings from a mouse study reported in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, which is published by the American Psychological Association. "The myth about coffee's sobering powers is particularly...

2009-06-03 07:52:30

Doctors are warning parents about the dangers of caffeine-containing chewing gum following an Italian boy's hospitalization. After consuming two packets of "energy" chewing gum, a 13-year-old boy was hospitalized after displaying unusually aggressive behavior and agitation, abdominal discomfort, painful urination and prickling sensations in his legs. His rapid heartbeat and breathing and raised blood pressure were also cause for concern. Three days later, he returned with a slow heartbeat and...

2009-05-29 11:39:39

Children are at risk from so-called energy gum because their bodies are not used to the effects of caffeine, a pediatrician in Naples, Italy, said. The risk of intoxication is high in children and teenagers in view of general caffeine-naivete, and the unrestricted sale of these substances, said Dr. Francesco Natale of Monaldi Hospital in Naples. Natale said he began looking into the effects of the gum late last year after treating a 13-year-old boy who suffered a rapid heart beat, increased...

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