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2009-09-16 08:24:57

Two Iowa State University researchers are examining a new method of controlling soybean aphids without the use of chemical pesticides.

2009-08-21 10:50:00

Srinivas Aluru recently stepped between the two rows of six tall metal racks, opened up the silver doors and showed off the 3,200 computer processor cores that power Cystorm, Iowa State University's second supercomputer.

2009-08-17 15:54:10

As a new mother herself, Brenda Lohman admits to being shocked by the results of a new study she co-authored. It found that among nearly 1,000 low-income families in three major cities, one in four children between the ages of 11 and 16 reported having sex, with their first sexual intercourse experience occurring at the average age of 12.77.

2009-06-26 14:59:23

Declining wind speeds could damage crops, increase pollution and raise temperatures in cities, Iowa State University researchers say. Wind speeds across the country have decreased an average of 0.5 percent to 1 percent each year since 1973, with the biggest declines in the East, the Northeast and the Great Lakes, the study said. The study, to be published in the Journal of Geophysical Research -- Atmospheres, confirmed the researchers' previously reported findings that lower wind speeds...

2009-06-26 07:45:00

Declining wind speeds in parts of the United States could impact more than the wind power industry, say Iowa State University climate researchers.

2009-06-18 07:40:00

Some video games can make children kinder and more likely to help — not hurt — other people.

2009-06-10 12:45:00

Some experts say the wind seems to be dying down across the United States, which could be a result of global warming.

2009-05-15 08:36:58

Stress may indeed be a direct contributor to childhood obesity. That's according to a new Iowa State University study finding that increased levels of stress in adolescents are associated with a greater likelihood of them being overweight or obese.

2009-04-20 10:05:00

Parents have been saying for years that their kids are "addicted" to video games, but a new study by an Iowa State University psychology professor is the first to actually report that pathological patterns of video game addiction exist in a national sample of youth, aged 8 to 18.

2009-04-02 11:04:48

As a major food source for much of the world, rice is one of the most important plants on earth.

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