Latest IPCC Third Assessment Report Stories

2005-08-11 22:15:00

For the first time, new climate observations and computer models provide a consistent picture of recent warming of the tropical atmosphere.

2005-04-29 00:15:00

Climate scientists armed with new data from deep in the ocean and far into space have found that Earth is absorbing much more heat than it is giving off, a conclusion they say validates projections of global warming. Scientists describe the findings as a "smoking gun."

2005-04-14 00:05:00

Bonn meteorologists have now been able to calculate, on the basis of about 30 different climate models, which of the suspects are responsible for climate change: greenhouse gases, particulate matter or natural factors. Their verdict is that they are all guilty.

2005-03-17 15:50:00

Even if all greenhouse gases had been stabilized in the year 2000, we would still be committed to a warmer Earth and greater sea level rise in the present century, according to a new study by a team of climate modelers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

2005-02-02 00:00:00

A climate conference opened to renewed concern about the worsening threat of global warming and appeals from Britain to its ally, the United States, not to stand on the sidelines. British Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett said all countries emitted greenhouse gases and so the problem required an international response.

2005-01-31 07:05:36

World experts gather next week for the biggest scientific assessment in four years of Earth's global warming crisis, and the conclusions they will reach are likely to be depressing. New evidence put forward by leading scientists will add pieces to a mosaic of evidence which suggests the climate crunch is heading our way faster, and with a harsher outcome, than previously thought.

2005-01-27 07:35:44

Global warming may be twice as bad as expected, according to a new assessment of a commonly-used yardstick of possible carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution.

2004-12-15 07:42:30

As the first signs of winter push into the Northeast, researchers have some good news for fair weather fans - spring is coming earlier than it used to. The lilacs say so. Plants in the Northeast are responding to the global warming trend.

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