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2008-10-06 12:00:19

The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, today announced significant improvements to its enterprise-class network. These new upgrades consolidate the already powerful Houston and Dallas networks into a single global network, which provides increased reliability, better scalability and a more consistent experience for the company's 22,000 customers. It also provides a common network policy across the company's six world-class data centers in the two cities. In preparation for...

2008-09-24 18:52:15

Vint Cerf, known as the "father of the Internet" has reported that the Web is at risk of running out of addresses that allow computers to identify with each other. Every computer and online device is assigned a unique IP address, but the pool of unallocated numbers is about to dry up.The man who invented the system called for businesses and consumers to adopt the next generation of addresses. If action is not taken now, future connectivity of the Internet could be damaged, Cerf said....

2008-08-18 09:00:32

Arbor Networks, in partnership with more than ninety network services and content providers from around the world, today published the largest study to date of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) traffic on the Internet. IPv6 is intended to be the next primary communications protocol for packet-switched inter-networks. The transition to IPv6 is considered important primarily because current projections indicate that there will be no more IPv4 addresses available within the next few years....

2008-08-01 09:00:25

By Larry Fiorino Upon first gaining popularity, the Internet appeared to have boundless opportunities for growth. Millions of people were logging on for the first time as thousands of Web sites were launched onto the World Wide Web. Despite what was first believed, the United States is now nearing growth capacity as the number of available Internet Protocol (IP) addresses continues to decline. More than 85 percent of the available IP addresses have been assigned, and the Organization for...

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IP Address
2013-02-09 10:40:55

Image Credit: Photos.com An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to a device that participates in a computer network that uses the internet for communication, such as a printer or computer. The IP address has two functions, network interface identification and location addressing. IP addresses have been defined as a 32-bit number system known as Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) which is still in use today. But, with the limited availability of addresses, a...

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