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2006-08-10 06:48:13

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and wounded more than 90 on Thursday near one of Shi'ite Islam's most revered sites, the Imam Ali shrine in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf. The attack was the bloodiest since July 18, when 59 people were killed by a suicide bomb in nearby Kufa. That attack was claimed by al Qaeda, which has targeted Shi'ites in a bid to inflame sectarian passions and trigger full-scale civil war. Hospital sources said the Najaf...

2006-08-10 04:18:58

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed at least 31 people and wounded 100 near a sacred Shi'ite shrine in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf on Thursday, hospital sources said. They said the bomber blew himself up when he was stopped at a police commando checkpoint as he was heading to the Imam Ali shrine. Shi'ite al-Forat television channel said there were two attacks, including the suicide blast that was also near a market. Ambulances drove through the streets of Najaf...

2006-08-10 02:33:52

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Bomb blasts on Thursday in a market near a sacred Shi'ite shrine in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf killed 30 people and wounded dozens, the police said. Iraqi state television said there were two separate attacks in a market near the Imam Ali shrine, while the police said a single suicide bomber was responsible. There were casualties among both the police and civilians.

2006-08-10 02:09:48

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - A roadside bomb that exploded on Thursday in a market near a sacred Shi'ite shrine in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf killed 23 people and wounded 30, state television said.

2006-08-10 01:56:00

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Dozens of people were hurt and some were feared killed on Thursday in a suicide bomb blast in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, police said. Police sources said the attack took place in a large market near the Imam Ali shrine, one of the most sacred Shi'ite sites in the country. Najaf, a predominately Shi'ite city 160 km (100 miles) south of Baghdad, has been the scene of some of the most savage sectarian attacks since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It is a prime...

2006-08-09 08:21:28

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Wednesday it had arrested four Iraqis suspected of being involved in the abduction of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, held hostage for 82 days before her release earlier this year. "Coalition forces have detained four Iraqi men that we believe have been involved in the kidnapping of Jill Carroll," Major General William Caldwell, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, told a news briefing. "Troops on the ground, young marines and sailors,...

2006-08-06 11:25:26

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, a frequent Republican critic of President George W. Bush's Iraq policy, said on Sunday it was irresponsible and wrong to send more U.S. troops to Baghdad. Speaking on the CBS show "Face the Nation," Hagel said pouring more U.S. troops into Baghdad would not reverse the rising tide of sectarian killing there. "Where we go from here ... is a cold, hard assessment that Iraq is not going to turn out the way we were promised it would, and...

2006-08-04 15:46:37

By Patricia Wilson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After struggling for months to patch over differences on Iraq, U.S. Democrats now say they are more unified than ever and feel confident they can convert public discontent with the war into votes later this year. With control of the U.S. Congress at stake in November 7 elections, many in the Democratic Party see President George W. Bush's handling of the war and a "sense of chaos" in the Middle East as their ticket to reclaiming the Senate...

2006-08-03 11:03:17

By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The head of the U.S. central command said that sectarian violence in Iraq could lead to civil war on Thursday even as a roadside bomb killed at least 10 people in central Baghdad. Shootings, bombings, kidnappings and killings in Iraq's capital have intensified despite a security crackdown that has added thousands of troops to the streets. The Pentagon last week agreed to add more than 3,000 troops to Baghdad. "Sectarian violence probably is as...

2006-08-03 11:48:11

By Kristin Roberts and Vicki Allen WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq is caught in the worst sectarian violence yet seen and faces the threat of civil war, two of the United States' senior generals said on Thursday, three years after the U.S. invasion. "Sectarian violence probably is as bad as I've seen it, in Baghdad in particular," Army Gen. John Abizaid, the head of U.S. Central Command, told a Senate hearing. "If not stopped, it is possible that Iraq could move toward civil war."...

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