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New Roomba Lets You Live Like A King…A King With A Remote That Is
2012-06-19 13:10:25

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com It´s a bold new age. Gone are the backwards days where we are asked to perform our own chores and housework. We once had to be in our homes to receive a phone call. That´s silly talk! We once even had to get up and flip the record if we wanted the music to continue. Poppycock! There was even a time when the only game available on our cell phones was Snake. We lived like barbarians! Our world is a more civilized, refined place these days....

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2013-10-03 12:56:31

The Roomba, sold by iRobot, is a name used for a series of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners that were first introduced into the market it 2002. There have been four versions or generations of Roomba since its creation, with over eight million sales throughout the world. It is capable of moving on its own and avoiding obstacles that are present in the average household, as well as capable of avoiding stairs and other drop offs. It is equipped with a computer chip and the Roomba Open Interface,...

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