Latest Ischemia Stories

Damage From Heart Attack Dependent On Time Of Day
2011-11-22 06:20:41

In a first of its kind study, researchers have discovered that the size of a heart attack and the remaining left-ventricular function that follows depends on the time of day that ischemia in the heart occurs.

2011-11-18 02:52:23

Mitochondria are often called cellular "powerhouses" because they convert nutrients into energy.

2011-10-11 13:46:48

Mazzone has demonstrated that arteriogenesis (growth of pre-existing connections between distinct blood vessels into functional arteries) can be accelerated by blocking the function of the protein PhD2 in a particular class of white blood cells.

2011-08-05 22:40:18

A man-made fat called Intralipid, which is currently used as a component of intravenous nutrition and to treat rare overdoses of local anesthetics, may also offer protection for patients suffering from heart attacks.

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