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2009-03-10 13:34:53

The lawyer for the 27-year-old man accused of shooting an Illinois pastor during his sermon on Sunday, says his client suffers from a mental condition linked to Lyme disease, but many experts say that excuse doesn't hold up. Edwardsville attorney Ron Slemer told the Belleville News-Democrat that alleged shooter Terry Sedlacek suffers from mental and physical condition linked to a tick bite he sustained years ago. "Lyme disease doesn't cause people to shoot people," Dr. Eugene Shapiro, a...

2008-09-17 15:00:00

By MEREDITH GOAD Hazel Raby was surprised when she saw that "Under Our Skin," a dramatic new documentary about the controversial diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, was making the rounds of film festivals across the country but not appearing in any Portland theaters. So she decided to bring it here herself. Raby, who lives in Round Pond, arranged for the film to be shown at the Space Gallery, 538 Congress St., at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday. Then she invited a dozen physicians to the...

2008-08-05 03:00:11

By Wolf, Paula pwolf@lnpnews.com One day at work, Lisa McElroy suddenly came down with fever and body aches. I thought I had the flu, said the Landisville mother of three. Her symptoms only intensified, as she started suffering severe spine and pelvic pain, and hallucinations from the fever. When she went to the doctor, McElroy mentioned that she had recently gone hiking, possibly exposing her to ticks that carry Lyme disease. He ordered a test. McElroy learned the next day that the...

2007-10-11 06:00:00

Some patients who had persistent memory lapses and other problems years after therapy for Lyme disease improved after antibiotic retreatment in a new study that continues the debate over the existence of "chronic Lyme disease." The latest study, posted online yesterday by the journal Neurology, found that 37 patients treated intravenously with the antimicrobial known as ceftriaxone showed some improvement. The research was led by Dr. Brian Fallon of Columbia University's newly established...

2005-06-04 10:52:44

The tick-borne illness remains a serious threat, experts caution The mention of West Nile virus can send some people into an unwarranted panic. But did you know that Lyme disease infected more than 23,000 Americans in 2002, more than double the number of those infected by West Nile? Both are insect-borne diseases, both can have a debilitating effect on the human body, and both are continuing their relentless spread into new areas of the country. So why do headlines seem to scream every new...

2005-02-06 09:55:27

NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) -- Ask Brian Chadwick how plentiful deer are on this island that has become an ocean retreat for the rich and famous and he will tell you about the dark night he was patrolling the summer estates and hit three. "I hit one and took care of that. Then went on and hit another, dealt with that, and then, by golly, I hit a third, and I was going along about 10 miles an hour," the retired police officer said. "They were just hanging out by the driveways eating the...

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