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2009-10-10 08:42:34

Underwater robotic gliders help reveal why massive oceanic expanses are losing virtually all of their marine life every summer Every summer since 2002, Oregon's coastal waters have been invaded by massive low-oxygen zones, commonly known as "dead zones," that become so oxygen-starved that most animals flee, die or suffer severe stress. In order to determine how and why these dead zones form, scientists must continually monitor conditions in affected waters, which may cover hundreds or even...

2009-10-10 08:36:32

Scientists work to explain why massive "dead zones" have been invading the Pacific Northwest's near-shore waters since 2002 Yet another ecological scourge may earn a place on the ever-lengthening list of problems potentially caused by climate change: the formation of some so-called "dead zones""”huge expanses of ocean that lose virtually all of their marine life at depth during the summer. Possible connections between climate change and the relatively recent formation of dead zones in...