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SKA Project Visited By President Zuma To Celebrate An African Science Success Story
2012-10-09 17:39:40

South Africa's President joined dignitaries, scientists, a large media contingent and members of the local community in the small town of Carnarvon today to celebrate South Africa's successful bid to build the world's largest scientific instrument — the Square Kilometre Array — in Africa. President Jacob Zuma touched down by helicopter at the telescope site about 100 km from Carnarvon where the first seven telescope dishes are already operational. The newly appointed Minister...

Climate Conference Commences With Divisions And Disappointment
2011-11-28 15:21:41

As the 2011 annual UN climate summit kicks off this week in Durban, South Africa, the EU and a coalition of smaller so-called 'climate-vulnerable´ island states are already up in arms over a number of political developments that they believe are unfavorable to global progress in fighting climate change. For starters, burgeoning economic powers India and Brazil have both joined the ranks of the wealthier nations in calling for a postponement of negotiations on a legally-binding deal...

2009-05-11 09:31:37

Jacob Zuma, the new South African president, has now replaced the health minister who was praised by campaigners for reversing the country's calamitous policy on Aids, with an obscure local medical doctor. Announcing his first cabinet, Zuma demoted Barbara Hogan from the health ministry to the less influential public enterprises portfolio. Medical doctor Aaron Motsoaledi, now serving as a provincial education official, will step in as the new health minister Monday, marking the second change...

2009-04-23 17:06:59

The governing party of South Africa said Jacob Zuma, expected to become president, will make the decision about which of his wives will be first lady. The African National Congress said the first lady question is a private matter for Zuma -- the party leader and likely the next president, after his party won a majority in the recent elections -- and his wives, The Guardian (Britain) reported Thursday. Zuma has not made the number of his wives clear, but he has spoken openly about his...

2009-04-19 12:40:00

COVER: The Anti-Obama (Asia edition). Shortly after Barack Obama's election last fall, a banner appeared in Lucknow, India, reading: OBAMA IS PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. NOW IT IS TIME FOR MAYAWATI TO BE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. Mayawati is Uttar Pradesh's chief minister, but now she is gunning for a bigger job. With national elections beginning this month, her supporters are trying to position her as India's answer to America's youthful black president, reports Special Correspondent Jeremy Kahn....

2009-03-24 14:21:00

NEW YORK, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Clear Magazine, the ultimate curator of interesting items, objects and ideas in the world of fashion, art and design, is featuring the work of NYC-based photographer, artist and documentarian Henry Leutwyler in its March/April issue. Issue 31 traces a cultural timeline with Leutwyler's starkly detailed artistic photographs of items such as Andy Warhol's paintbrush, Bob Dylan's harmonica and Janis Joplin's guitar. Henry Leutwyler has carved a niche in the...

2008-09-25 12:00:18

South Africa's parliament Thursday appointed Kgalema Motlanthe, deputy president of the African National Congress, as the country's interim president. Motlanthe was sworn in and succeeds outgoing President Thabo Mbeki, who stepped down at the request of the ANC, CNN reported. Motlanthe, who has roots in the country's labor movement, will serve as interim president until next year's general elections, scheduled for April. Mbeki resigned Sunday amid claims of political interference in a...

2008-09-25 09:00:19

South Africa's Parliament is expected to tap Kgalema Motlanthe, deputy leader of the African National Congress, to succeed Thabo Mbeki as president. Lawmakers began voting Thursday to appoint a successor to Mbeki, who resigned Sunday amid claims of political interference in a corruption case against Jacob Zuma, the ANC leader expected to be elected president next year, the BBC reported. Mbeki has denied the allegations but said he was stepping down in the interest of party unity. If...

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