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2012-05-15 22:52:46

More than 27 million adults currently suffer from osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis. In the past, doctors have been unable to diagnose patients with arthritis until they begin to show symptoms, which include joint pain and stiffness.  By the time these symptoms are present, it is often too late for preventive and minimally invasive treatment options to be effective.  Now, a research team from the University of Missouri´s Comparative Orthopaedic...

2012-03-14 09:38:58

New method will increase likelihood of success in cartilage grafting procedures For years, doctors have been able to treat defects in joint cartilage by grafting cartilage donated from cadavers into patients´ bad joints. Using current methods, donated cartilage can be stored for 28 days for a transplant before the tissue becomes too degraded to transplant into a patient. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri have found a way to store donated cartilage more than twice as...

2009-06-10 11:50:00

 Osteoarthritis is commonly diagnosed in the late and irreversible stages, when treatment can only be expected to decrease pain and slow progression of disease. Because osteoarthritis is a widespread problem in dogs, horses and humans, doctors and veterinarians need a precise way to diagnose the disease early and accurately. Now, University of Missouri researchers are investigating potential biomarkers in dogs for early diagnosis of osteoarthritis, which could help identify patients at...

2008-06-16 15:15:00

MU veterinary clinician-scientist develops a minimally invasive method to treat torn ligamentsA common sports injury in human knees is even more common in dogs. Each year, more than one million dogs suffer from cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) deficiency, which is comparable to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in humans. The common method of treatment by many veterinary surgeons involves cutting the tibia bone to stabilize the CCL-deficient knee in these dogs. Now, a new minimally...

2007-06-14 06:05:00

By D'Alto, Nick In the hands of climatologists and historians, centuries-old ships' logs are revealing past-and maybe future-weather. "...9 o'clock, gale still increasing... At 11, a perfect hurricane of wind and rain...1/2 past 11, main topmast blown over side...ship labouring... " -The HMS Andromache encounters a hurricane off Barbados, July, 1795. The name of the man who penned the above log entry has long ago been lost to history, but the drama of the experience of sailing through a...

2006-05-16 18:48:16

By Richard C. Lewis NEWPORT, Rhode Island (Reuters) - Four ships from a British fleet used during the U.S. Revolutionary War have been found off Rhode Island, and one may be the vessel 18th century explorer Captain James Cook sailed on his epic voyage to Australia, archaeologists said on Tuesday. Researchers with the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project said they believe the four ships, and two others previously discovered, are part of a 13-vessel transport fleet intentionally...

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  • A landsman who is making his first voyage at sea; a novice who enters naval service from rural life.
According to the OED, a grass-comber is also 'a sailor's term for one who has been a farm-labourer.'