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2011-03-14 14:03:27

Study of 2 breast cancer samples suggests tumors grow by 'punctuated, clonal expansions' A new method of analyzing cancerous tumors developed by scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) suggests that tumors may not evolve gradually, but rather in punctuated or staccato-like bursts. It is a finding that has already shed new light on the process of tumor growth and metastasis, and may help in the development of new methods to clinically evaluate tumors. The new analytic method,...

2010-05-06 15:45:20

Researchers from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the USA have developed a powerful new technique for analyzing the genome of single tumor cells. The breakthrough allows them to study in fine detail the biology of how tumors develop and has the potential to help doctors identify dangerous tumor cells from small samples such as fine-needle biopsies from the prostate or a non-invasive lesion in the breast. Dr James Hicks from Cold Spring Harbor described the new technique at the IMPAKT Breast...

2009-04-17 09:55:00

During the last 540 million years, the earth's oxygen levels have fluctuated wildly. Knowing that the dinosaurs appeared around the time when oxygen levels were at their lowest at 12%, Tomasz Owerkowicz, Ruth Elsey and James Hicks wondered how these monsters coped at such low oxygen levels. But without a ready supply of dinosaurs to test their ideas on, Owerkowicz and Hicks turned to a modern relative: the alligator. 'We knew testing the effects of different oxygen levels would work with...

2008-08-29 00:00:20

By Kelley Chambers OKLAHOMA CITY - James Hicks at the Teena Hicks Co. in downtown Oklahoma City can dress a man in some of the finest threads, but until the past few months had not dressed up the store's Web site in years. The store, started in 1989, has found its bread and butter in a string of repeat business at the shop in Oklahoma Tower. Even as Web sites became ubiquitous, Hicks said the store maintained a bare-bones Web page, with only basic information about the store. Instead of...

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  • In the phrase to out-herod Herod, to be more violent than Herod (as represented in the old mystery plays); hence, to exceed in any excess of evil.
Herod refers to 'Herod the Great,' a Roman client king and 'a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis.' According to the OED, the term is 'chiefly with allusion to Shakespeare's use' in Hamlet.