Latest Japanese Experiment Module Stories

2008-05-26 15:25:00

Japan has built a space station lab that is being called the Lexus of space stations for its size and sophistication.The station will launch Saturday with the space shuttle Discovery. It is called Kibo (which means "hope" in Japanese) and costs a whopping $1 billion. Kibo will be the biggest and, by far, the most elaborate room at the international space station - a 37-foot-long scientific workshop as large as a school bus, with its own hatch to the outside for experiments and a pair of robot...

2008-05-06 17:28:49

The seven shuttle astronauts preparing to rocket toward the International Space Station (ISS) with a new Japanese laboratory this month arrived at NASA's Florida spaceport Tuesday for launch day practice. Commanded by veteran NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, the astronauts are gearing up for a planned May 31 launch aboard the space shuttle Discovery to deliver Japan's tour bus-sized Kibo module, the largest room built for the station. "Discovery looks really good from what we can...

2008-05-03 15:08:28

The space shuttle Discovery rolled out to its Florida launch pad early Saturday as NASA prepares to launch a massive Japanese laboratory later this month. Commanded by veteran astronaut Mark Kelly, Discovery's seven-astronaut crew is set to launch May 31 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Cape Canaveral, Fla., to deliver Japan's Kibo module, the largest laboratory planned for the International Space Station (ISS). "We're really excited to be within 30 days [of...

2008-04-16 00:40:00

The cargo aboard the space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-124 already has traveled halfway around Earth, more than 10,000 miles over land and sea. It's now ready for the culmination of its 23-year journey to the International Space Station. Hope will take flight on Discovery. Or rather, the centerpiece of Kibo, a laboratory complex named for the Japanese word for hope, will take flight. STS-124 will launch the main segment of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's "“ or JAXA's...

2008-03-20 08:24:20

HOUSTON - When visiting someone's house - even in space - bring food. That was Japanese astronaut Takao Doi's motto and his country's orbital eats are apparently a hit aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Doi, a veteran spaceflyer who is helping deliver the first segment of Japan's massive Kibo laboratory to the ISS, packed three types of Japanese noodles, some salmon and steamed rice for his crewmates aboard the shuttle Endeavour and space station. "Actually, the Japanese...

2007-09-26 12:55:00

Think of the next component set for delivery to the International Space Station as an international crossroads in space. That's the major function of the Italian-built U.S. module that will be ferried to the station aboard space shuttle Discovery during mission STS-120. The pressurized component was named "Harmony" by U.S. students in a nationwide contest. "This module will allow all international partner pieces of the station to connect together, so it's really wonderful that kids recognize...

2007-05-04 17:23:03

Imagine leaving your home, culture and familiar language thousands of miles behind as you carry your nation's hope for space exploration on your shoulders. That's just what some of Japan's space pioneers have been doing for a number of years as they prepare their country's first human spaceflight facility. The Japanese Experiment Module is called Kibo, which means "hope" in Japanese. Made up of five elements, the module will expand the research capabilities of the International Space...

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