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2013-08-16 23:18:50

Potix unveils ZK 7 preview introducing Bootstrap, more HTML 5 & CSS 3 to enhance the new theme system. London (PRWEB) August 16, 2013 Whether it is to give your application a more personal touch or to implement a corporate image, it is no doubt that the ability to easily create a customized theme for web applications is now a hot trend and becoming more important each day. ZK 7 is designed to fulfill this desire, presenting users with a more powerful, flexible and simpler theme...

2013-08-15 23:28:20

This field-proven, flexible application framework, enabling Java developers to easily create enterprise-grade VoiceXML applications, is now made available to the developer community. Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) August 15, 2013 Nu Echo, a contact center and speech recognition solutions provider, is proud to contribute to the Open Source movement with the introduction of Rivr (http://rivr.nuecho.com), a lightweight open-source dialogue engine that enables Java developers to easily create...

2013-08-13 23:00:13

Whizlabs, world’s leading training and e-Learning provider of Java and PMI Certifications announces the Global Launch of PMP® Self Study Training as Per PMBOK® 5th New York, USA (PRWEB) August 13, 2013 Whizlabs has been contributing to the growth of the IT certification industry since 2000 through its Instructor Led Training and e-Learning courses. Now, complying with PMBOK 5th Edition Whizlabs is the first company that offers 60 Contact Hours/ PDU via the usage of its...

2013-08-10 23:03:10

Infinite adds Java functions to RPG and COBOL applications for AS/400. Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2013 Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today, its latest AS/400 migration toolset, Infinite i, will now allow RPG and COBOL applications migrated to open platforms using its Infinite I toolset to be maintained in Java instead of RPG or COBOL. "In previous versions of our Infinite I product, and its predecessors, we allowed for the...

2013-08-06 23:25:09

Company promises to modernize clients’ development process within weeks. Cranston, RI (PRWEB) August 06, 2013 Agitar Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of the AgitarOne Rapid Deployment service for Java development teams who want to implement and adopt an Agile methodology using AgitarOne, a premium Java testing solution, but are unable to set aside the time or possess the resources to execute on that requirement internally. “Our new AgitarOne Rapid Deployment Package puts...

2013-08-02 23:03:16

Alachisoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of JvCache, a 100% Native Java implementation of its popular product NCache. San Ramon, California (PRWEB) August 02, 2013 Alachisoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of JvCache, a 100% Native Java implementation of its popular product NCache. JvCache is an extreme fast and scalable in-memory data grid and distributed cache for mission critical Java applications with real-time data access needs. JvCache lets you...

2013-07-26 23:16:17

Potix delivers ZK Pivottable 2.0.2 as a maintenance release with increased support for i18n & various other new features. London (PRWEB) July 26, 2013 ZK Pivottable 2.0.2 has been officially released as a maintenance release with increased support for i18n and various new features. ZK Pivottable is an Ajax summarising component for visualising large data sets, bringing the power of spreadsheet’s Pivot Table to Java Web Applications enabling developers to take advantage of a...

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Plymouth Rock
2014-07-07 08:19:50

The Plymouth Rock chicken is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the United States of America during the mid-nineteenth century. Although its exact origin is unknown, it is thought to have been bred or popularized by John C. Bennet and developed by crossing black Java chickens, Cochins, Dominiques, and other breeds. Because the breed originally held barbed coloration, it is sometimes known as the barred rock chicken, but it does come in other color varieties. Until World War II,...

Java chicken
2014-07-07 07:51:30

The Java is a breed of domestic breed of chicken that was developed in the United States of America, although its name suggests otherwise. It is thought to have been developed using chickens of Asian origin and is one of the oldest chicken breeds in America, playing an important role in the development of other American chicken breeds. It was accepted by the American Poultry Association as an official breed in 1883. Although it was popular during the nineteenth century in the meat market, it...

Jersey giant
2014-07-07 07:40:12

The Jersey giant is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the United States during the nineteenth century. This breed was developed using black langshans, black javas, and dark Brahmas in order to replace the turkey as a large meat bird, so it became the largest breed of domestic chicken. The breed was officially recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1922. It nearly became extinct in Britain and the Netherlands but was saved by Sam Hay and Jaap Beekman in the 1980s. It...

2014-06-19 14:20:21

The Bekisar, also known as the Ayam Bekisar, is the first generation of hybrid chicken developed from the cross of the green junglefowl and the domestic red junglefowl. Although the exact origin of this breed is unknown, Javanese and Sudanese people assert that it was first developed on the Kangean Islands in Java. The earliest members of this breed were used for communication, because each rooster’s call was unique and due to its ancestry, very loud. Roosters were placed in baskets on the...

Java Mouse Deer, Tragulus javanicus
2012-10-27 14:42:32

The Java mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus) is an even-toed ungulate that can be found in forested areas of Java and possibly Bali. Its native range includes areas in Indonesia and Malaysia. It prefers a habitat at higher elevations, although it does appear at lower elevations between 1,312 and 2,296 feet. It is thought that other chevrotains may occur on the edges of this mouse deer’s habitat, making it a logical assumption that it appears in thick undergrowth like other mouse deer. The...

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