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2009-03-18 03:00:00

LONDON, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that enhances its growth prospects, AmberFin today announces the appointment of industry veteran Jay Batista as President of its Americas operation. In this newly created role, Jay will drive the company's business growth across the region. His remit includes responsibility for sales, marketing and business development. As a skilled and seasoned broadcast technology executive, Jay brings a wealth of experience of both hardware and software...

2008-12-27 12:15:31

Actor Jay Mohr says in Los Angeles Superior Court documents he wants to add the surname of his wife, actress Nikki Cox, to his own. E! Online reported Friday the Gary, Unmarried star filed the documents Dec. 19 to officially change his given name to Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr. The name change application is Mohr's two-year anniversary gift to the former Las Vegas actress, whom he married Dec. 29, 2006.

2008-09-05 15:00:25

By Donna M. Perry JAY - The School Committee voted unanimously Thursday to increase substitute teacher pay by $5 a day, effective immediately. The new rate is $55 a day for a substitute with no college degree, $60 for a two-plus-year degree, and $65 for a bachelor's degree. Superintendent Robert Wall told the board the pay rate likely had not been raised in more than 10 years. It is important to get good substitutes, he said, and he expected the increase to help. Other school...

2008-06-26 15:02:23

By Donna M. Perry JAY - An owner of Crane Bros. Farm has signed a consent agreement and paid a $500 fine for cutting too many trees on farmland in violation of the town's Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. Crane Bros. Farm of Exeter owns farmland on Route 140 in Jay and Canton. James Crane had appealed the town's sanction, which included providing a certified forester's restoration plan to replant a well- distributed stand of trees within 75 feet of the Androscoggin River. The Board of...

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2007-10-26 12:30:07

The Pinyon Jay (Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus), occurs in western North America from central Oregon to northern Baja California and east as far as western Oklahoma though it wanders further afield out of the breeding season. It lives in foothills where the pinyon pines (Pinus edulis and Pinus monophylla) occur. It was first collected and described along the Maria River in northern Montana in 1833. The Pinyon Jay is between the North American Blue Jay and the Eurasian Jay in size. Its overall...

2006-02-24 10:07:02

Image Credit: Thinkstock.com Magpies are medium to large passerine birds of the crow family, Corvidae. These colorful and noisy birds are closely allied to the jays and treepies. The names 'jay', 'treepie' and 'magpie' are to a certain extent interchangeable, and do not reflect any genuine genetic difference between the groups. Research has recently cast doubt on the taxonomy of the Pica magpies, since it appears that P. hudsonia and P. nuttalli may not be different species, whereas the...

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