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2011-04-28 05:00:00

LONDON, April 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In December 2010, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (the ECB) announced its intention to establish loan-by-loan data requirements for asset-backed securities (ABSs) in the Eurosystem collateral framework, with the aim of improving transparency and helping to restore investor confidence in the European securitisation markets. To make this happen, the ECB is encouraging the creation of a groundbreaking ABS Data Warehouse for the...

2009-09-04 07:16:41

Finance ministers from the Group of 20 nations begin a two-day pow wow in London Friday to prepare for a G20 summit in Pittsburgh at the end of the month. In theory, the monetary policymakers are duty-bound to pave the way for the vote-dependent politicians in the follow up meeting. The dominant feature, however, may be a exercise in prompting the politicians in Pittsburgh to cool their heels. Politicians like snappy headlines, but central banks say it is not time to pull back from some of...

2009-09-03 14:17:45

The European Central Bank left its overnight bank-to-bank lending rate unchanged Thursday citing an uneven economic recovery. In a news conference, bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said inflation in the euro at minus 0.2 percent in August, was expected to turn positive within the coming months. The EC bank said it would keep the lending rate at 1 percent, the rate it first set in May. Trichet said it was not yet time to back away from economic programs that propped up the financial system...

2009-08-06 09:41:49

The European Central Bank said Thursday it would keep its key lending rates unchanged. The bank-to-bank lending rate was trimmed to 1 percent in May following a series of reductions to meet the downturn in the economy. Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet was scheduled to explain the bank's actions later in the day.

2009-07-06 15:10:20

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said he was very clear in his support of the U.S. dollar as the primary central bank reserve currency. In advance of a Group of Eight summit scheduled to begin in Italy Wednesday, finance ministers from China, Russia and elsewhere have questioned whether or not the dollar's is still up for the job of stabilizing international transactions. French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said leaders should discuss the balance of currencies and...

2009-07-02 09:38:02

The European Central Bank left its key lending rate unchanged at 1 percent Thursday, a move anticipated by many economists. In a prepared statement, bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said policymakers at the bank expected inflation to remain dampened over the policy-relevant horizon. Policymakers also expected a further deterioration in labor markets, he said. An economic recovery was expected to be gradual, he said, with a return to positive growth in the second quarter of 2010. Trichet...

2009-05-12 11:10:00

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said there were definitive signs of improvement in the European economy. At a news conference in Switzerland, Trichet said, we are still in uncharted waters. But he also told reporters, we are, as far as growth is concerned, around the inflection point in the cycle, the EU Observer reported Tuesday. There has been a substantial improvement in the markets since mid-September. But we have to remain very alert, he said. Along with Trichet's...

2009-05-12 06:56:17

Leading indicators for three battered European economies show signs of improvement, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said. In Italy, France and Britain, leading indicators showed tentative signs of, at least, a pause in the economic slowdown, the OECD said Monday. Leading indicators also showed signs of improvement in China, where stimulus spending has increased lending and investments in factories. President of the Central European Bank Jean-Claude Trichet also spoke...

2009-04-28 07:40:35

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet says fundamentals and confidence are at the top of his priority list. After completing talks in Washington at the International Monetary Fund, and with Group of 20 finance officials, Trichet told an audience in New York Monday: I have ... strongly stressed that the scarcest resource we have right now is confidence in the future. We are in uncharted waters, and there are still risks of a sudden emergence of unexpected financial turbulence....

2009-04-02 13:57:58

The European Central Bank said Thursday it would lower its key lending rate a quarter of a percentage point to 1.25 percent, effective April 8. The reduction takes into account the expectation that price pressures will remain subdued, bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said in a statement in Frankfurt, Germany. The world economy, including the euro area, is undergoing a severe downturn, he said, noting, both global and euro area demand are likely to remain very weak over 2009, before...

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