Latest Jean-Pierre Changeux Stories

2013-04-18 21:36:57

It is rare that an unpublished piece of research or theory remains significant after half a century. It is also a wonderful example of the boundless curiosity of the late Francis Crick. A previously unpublished work by Francis Crick and Jeffries Wyman from 1965 is now available, together with Jean-Pierre Changeux's recollections on the origins of the theory of Allostery and several important texts by various authors on the subject. These are part of a special issue of the Journal of Molecular...

2008-10-31 12:00:32

Since 1988, Neuron has been at the forefront of publishing the most exciting research in all areas of the neurosciences. This meeting celebrated the contribution of all the authors, reviewers and readers around the world who have contributed to the success of Neuron. This one-day meeting was organized at the College de France by Kenneth R. Chien (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA), Emilie Marcus (Cell Press, USA), Katja Brose (Cell Press, USA), Elena Porro (Cell Press, USA) and Yves...

2008-07-16 03:00:50

Jean-Pierre Changeux, Peter W. Kalivas and Eric J. Nestler Awarded EUR 60,000 for Research into Molecular Targets of Drug Abuse Brunswick Group Justine McIlroy Telephone + 44 (0)207 404 5959 Fax + 44 (0) 207 936 7836 Email: jmcilroy@brunswickgroup.com Logo: http://www.ipsen.com The 19th annual Neuronal Plasticity Prize has been awarded to Jean-Pierre Changeux (College de France and Institut Pasteur, Paris), Peter W. Kalivas (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,...

2005-07-06 12:35:00

LONDON -- The mental boost smokers get from nicotine is linked to the same area of the brain in mice as its addictiveness and the two are probably inseparable, French scientists said Wednesday. In a study that may hold insights into ways to help people quit smoking, researchers at the CNRS-Pasteur Institute in Paris showed that receptors on cells in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain are involved in nicotine's addictive and cognitive qualities in mice. "This is a very critical area...

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