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Ice Cores Analysis Shows Warming And CO2 Are Closely Related
2012-07-25 08:28:23

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Scientists have always linked the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide to a rise in global temperatures, but new research by an international team of scientists connects the cause and effect more strongly than ever before. According to their report recently published in the scientific journal Climate of the Past, the research team tested tiny bubbles of air trapped in layers of ice around Antarctica for carbon dioxide levels and...

2006-01-24 06:40:00

TOKYO -- Japanese scientists have gone back in time to study the earth's climate by drilling more than 3 kilometres into Antarctica's ice sheet, a researcher said on Tuesday. Yoshiyuki Fujii said the cores are among the oldest samples yet extracted by scientists and hoped bubbles of gas, such as carbon dioxide, trapped in the core samples will offer clues to past patterns of global climate change. They might also further highlight the threat from global warming by giving a million-year-old...

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