Latest Jeffrey Skolnick Stories

2010-12-15 11:07:28

Interactions between proteins are at the heart of cellular processes, and those interactions depend on the interfaces where the direct physical contact occurs. A new study published this week suggests that there may be roughly a thousand structurally-distinct protein-protein interfaces "“ and that their structures depend largely on the simple physics of the proteins. Believed to be the first systematic study of the nature of the protein-protein interfaces, the research could help...

2010-10-12 12:08:47

Using large-scale computer simulations, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have identified the most important factors affecting how molecules move through the crowded environment inside living cells. The findings suggest that perturbations caused by hydrodynamic interactions "“ similar to what happens when the wake from a large boat affects smaller boats on a lake "“ may be the most important factor in this intracellular diffusion. A detailed understanding of the...

2008-06-17 12:00:12

U.S. scientists have created a computerized method of analyzing cellular activity that correctly predicts the anti-tumor activity of several molecules. Researchers Jeffrey Skolnick and John McDonald led a Georgia Institute of Technology team in developing the tool, called CoMet, that studies the integrated machinery of the cell, predicting which components can have an effect on cancer. This opens up the possibility of novel therapeutics for cancer and develops our understanding of why...

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