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2009-08-17 15:35:13

U.S. scientists say they've created a simple but effective coating for glass, plastics and other materials that enables the wiping away of oily smears. Purdue University researchers, led by Assistant Professor Jeffrey Youngblood, said their coating can also be added to window cleaning sprays to prevent bathroom mirrors, automobile windshields, eyeglasses and other surface from fogging. These are eco-friendly coatings -- environmentally 'green' in the sense that they eliminate the need for...

2009-08-16 12:59:10

Cleaning oily smears from kitchen countertops, mirrors, garage floors, and other surfaces with plain water "” rather than strong detergents or smelly solvents "” may seem like pure fantasy. But scientists in Indiana today describe what they believe to be a simple and effective state-of-the-art oil stain remover. They have developed a new coating for glass, plastics, and a range of other materials that would enable consumers to wipe away those pesky oils with plain water. Their...

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