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2008-10-13 12:00:36

Mestansky pivovar Policka (MPP) (Policka, Czech Republic), brewery, decreased its proceeds to CEK 82.5 mil in 2007 compared to CEK 85.7 mil in 2006. Its non-tax profit was CEK 16.2 mil in 2007, CEK 4 mil less compared to 2006. MPP produced the largest quantity of beer in 2004, 85,000 hl.

2008-10-06 09:00:48

AVX CR (Lanskroun, Czech Republic), power firm, saw proceeds of CEK 5.5 bil in the financial year from 01 Apr 2007 till 30 Mar 2008, 20% more compared to 2006-2007. The firm's pre-tax profit was nearly CEK 300 mil for 2007-2008, 83% more compared to 2006-2007.

2008-10-02 06:00:31

Sazka (Prague, Czech Republic), betting company, decreased its after-tax profit to CEK 823 mil in 1H 2008, decrease by about CEK 43 mil as compared with 1H 2007. Sazka's proceeds from lottery and non- lottery activities increased by more than CEK 220 mil year-on-year to CEK 4.22 bil in 1H 2008.

2008-09-24 12:00:31

ECM (Czech Republic), developer company, decreased its market capitalization by CEK 1 bil to CEK 940 mil during Sep 2008, due to the global financial crisis. The price of shares in ECM decreased to CEK 221/share during the last two years as of 18 Sep 2008.

2008-09-22 09:00:50

Klein & Blazek (K&B) (Stity, Czech Republic), car component manufacturer, saw a net profit of CEK 33.4 mil in 2007 compared to CEK 44 mil in 2006. K&B's proceeds for the sales of its products and services increased by 14.2% to CEK 905.9 mil in 2007 compared to 2006.

2008-09-22 09:00:50

Elmarco (Liberec, Czech Republic), nano-fibre producer, expects a turnover of CEK 420 mil and balanced economic result in 2008. The company reached proceeds of CEK 370 mil in 2007 as compared with CEK 450 mil in 2006. It had a loss of CEK 40 mil in 2007.

2008-09-22 09:00:50

Czech Republic: The state debt increased to CEK 933.3 bil as of the end of Jun 2008 compared to CEK 860.1 bil at the end of Mar 2008. The debt is nearly CEK 90,000 per every Czech inhabitant. The state debt is caused by the cumulation of yearly deficits of the state budget.

2008-09-22 09:00:50

Sportisimo (Czech Republic), sports goods shop chain, increased its net profit to CEK 14.9 mil in 2007 compared to CEK 10.5 mil in 2006. Sportisimo's proceeds increased by roughly CEK 250 mil to CEK 1.08 bil in 2007 compared to 2006. Sportisimo operates 43 shops in the Czech Republic.

2008-09-22 09:00:50

Sportisimo (Czech Republic), sports goods trade chain, wants to increase the number of its shops in the Czech Republic to about 52 shops by the end of 2008 compared to the hitherto 43 shops. It also plans to commission shops in Slovakia.

2008-09-15 09:00:48

Makro Cash & Carry CR (Makro) (Czech Republic), wholesale company, increased its net profit to CEK 1.568 bil in 2007 compared to CEK 1.5 bil in 2006. Makro used the 2007 profit for the payment of dividends to its owner Metro Cash & Carry International Holding (Netherlands).

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