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2010-09-17 11:11:00

Six-day Event Begins Saturday, Sept. 18, in Harrisburg HARRISBURG, Pa., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding today invited the public to attend the 47th All-American Dairy Show, to be held Sept. 18-23 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. "The All-American Dairy Show is known worldwide as a premier dairy show, and for 47 years, Pennsylvania has been proud to host this event," said Redding. "It's not only a week to...

2009-05-23 09:59:01

Miniature dairy and meat cattle are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as feed prices skyrocket, fans of the little cows said. The total number of minicows is estimated at about 20,000, up from fewer than 5,000 a decade ago, the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry said. Minicows are not genetically engineered and they're not dwarfs. They came from original breeds brought from Europe in the 1800s that were smaller than today's full-sized cows, Ron Lemenager,...

2006-10-16 11:30:00

NEWPORT, R.I. -- Just one of the Dutch Belted Cattle lazing in a corral overlooking the city's rolling hills costs $4,000 - a bargain considering its DNA is priceless. Called Oreo cookie cows because of their three distinct stripes, Dutch Belteds were brought to the United States from Holland in 1840 by P.T. Barnum for use in his circus. Fewer than 1,000 are left worldwide. Concerned the animals could become extinct, the SVF Foundation is collecting germplasm - sperm, fertilized embryos,...

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Australian Milking Zebu Cattle
2014-07-09 13:49:54

The Australian Milking Zebu (AMZ) is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in Australia in the 1950s. It was developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) by crossbreeding the Sahiwal and Red Sindhi cattle from Pakistan with Jersey cattle. A small amount of Illawarra, Guernsey and Friesian blood was introduced as well. It was bred specifically to be resilient to heat, cattle tick and for milk production. The AMZ is similar in color and markings to...

American Milking Devon Cattle
2014-07-04 09:37:48

The American Milking Devon is a breed of cattle that originated in the United States. It was developed from the British North Devon that was brought to North America during the 1600s. The modern North Devon is used almost entirely for beef production, while the American Milking Devon was bred as a multi-purpose animal. In 1623 the first ever British cattle stock arrived in the Americas. The Milking Devon was bred for labor use, beef production and milk. Its range spread from Florida to the...

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