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Sleeping After Learning Reportedly Enhances Recall
2012-03-25 05:08:46

New research from experts at the University of Notre Dame has discovered that going to sleep soon after learning new information is the best way for an individual to recall what he or she had just learned. According to Asian News International (ANI) reports, Notre Dame psychologist Jessica Payne and her colleagues analyzed a total of 207 students who regularly slept for a minimum of six hours each night. Each participant was randomly assigned to study declarative, semantically related,...

2009-06-12 20:43:34

The sleeping brain evaluates which emotional experiences should be remembered, U.S. researchers said. The study also found the sooner sleep followed a learning experience the longer the memory lasted -- even for a mater of months. The study suggests memory improves if learning experiences are staggered across time. Lead study author Jessica Payne of Harvard Medical School in Boston said they were surprised to find the sleeping brain -- in addition to seeing the enhancement of negative...

2009-06-11 08:21:07

 According to a research abstract that will be presented on Thursday, June11, at SLEEP 2009, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, sleep selectively preservers memories that are emotionally salient and relevant to future goals when sleep follows soon after learning. Effects persist for as long as four months after the memory is created.Results indicate that the sleeping brain seems to calculate what is most important about an experience and selects only...

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