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2013-03-09 23:05:01

Jetpack Junkie “Ultimate Free Edition” is the hardest game in the app store and is well on its way to 1,000,000 downloads, completely free for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Jason Padgett, Co-Founder RocketPop Games talks it up. Plano, TX (PRWEB) March 08, 2013 For the people who have not seen or played it yet, RockePop Games' "Jetpack Junkie" is a huge hit and not for the faint of heart. CNET writes “Jetpack Junkie is a great way to kill some time“¦.If you...

2012-09-21 23:00:33

New iOS game “Jetpack Junkie” from RocketPop Games has been well received by the gaming world. RocketPop is looking to take it all the way to the top in the extremely competitive field of mobile game development! Plano, TX (PRWEB) September 21, 2012 RocketPop Games released their highly anticipated new game for iOS- “Jetpack Junkie” and it´s blasting off. Jason Padgett, Co-Founder RocketPop Games LLC, actor in movies like “Spiderman ()” and TV series...

2012-08-24 23:04:04

Leading online brand for adventure and experiences makes bride and groom´s dreams come true by hosting world´s first wedding by water-powered jetpack in Newport Beach, CA San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2012 Love is an adventure. Literally, for Grand Rapids, MI, couple Grant Engler and Amanda Volf, who were wed today by jetpack in Newport Beach, CA, in once-in-a-lifetime wedding hosted by ZOZI, the most trusted brand in adventure and experience. The commercially available...

Neemo Crew Resurface From Their Underwater World
2012-07-02 03:00:04

[ Watch the Video ] ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his Neemo crewmates resurfaced recently after spending 12 days underwater off Florida´s Atlantic coast. The aquanauts tested equipment and techniques for future space exploration as well as finding time for educational experiments. Although only 20 m under the Atlantic Ocean, the voyage home took 17 hours. Living underwater requires a long decompression to allow the aquanauts´ bodies to adapt to normal surface pressure. Being...

2011-06-01 05:55:00

The thrill of soaring thousands of feet above the ground in your own personal jetpack may now be one step closer to reality, thanks to Jetpack maker Martin Aircraft Co. of New Zealand. In a demonstration on Sunday, the $100,000 Jetpack climbed 800 feet per minute to an altitude of 5,000 feet, but could have traveled even faster, at 1,000 feet per minute, the company said. "In this test we limited the jetpack to 800 ft./min climb so the chase helicopters could keep up," said the Jetpack's...

2009-09-22 17:18:30

A New Zealand engineer who unveiled his jetpack at a Wisconsin airshow said he is auctioning test flights for the device on eBay. Glenn Martin, who revealed the Martin Jetpack to the world at the AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, Wis., said the winner of the eBay auction, which starts at $30,000, will receive six free flights on the 200-horsepower machine, The Daily Telegraph in Britain reported Tuesday. Martin said that while the jetpack, which actually runs on ducted fans rather than jets,...

2008-11-25 13:48:50

Wearing a jet pack, a former TV stunt man has entered the record books by flying 1,500 feet across a gorge on the Arkansas River. Eric Scott fired up his 135-pound pack Monday and crossed the Royal Gorge in 21 seconds at an altitude of 1,053 feet, the Rocky Mountain News reported Tuesday. Scott set a world record for both height and distance with the 800 horsepower state-of-the-art pack designed by Denver-based Jet P.I., The Denver Post reported. This is the biggest adrenaline kick I've ever...

2008-09-29 09:00:34

The real Iron Man? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a rocket man! Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy successfully crossed the English Channel last week by flying across it with a jet pack strapped to him. The 22-mile, 12-minute flight went off without a hitch, and Rossy even had enough gas left over to perform spectacular feats of aerial acrobatics at the white cliffs of Dover. Rossy, who flies commercial flights for Swiss Air, has spent years perfecting his jet-pack technology. He plans to...

2008-09-09 18:00:20

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In just weeks, one man will be the first to attempt to fly across the English Channel using a single, jet-propelled wing attached to his back. Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy will fire up his homemade jet wing, jump from a plane and attempt to cross the 23-mile channel in 12 minutes at about 120 mph. The National Geographic Channel (NGC) has exclusive U.S. access to his historic flight and will stream Rossy's mission LIVE at...

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