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2008-04-23 06:00:45

By Bower, Bruce ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeologists may not be fashion divas, but they dig antique jewelry. Consider the discovery of 4,000-year-old gold and stone beads in southeastern Peru. These crafted items, the oldest examples of worked gold in the Americas by about 600 years, were strung together into a necklace, say Mark Aldenderfer of the University of Arizona in Tucson and his colleagues. An excavation of a burial pit containing the partial remains of an adult and a child at a small site...

2008-04-01 00:35:00

Anthropologists at University of Arizona said this week they had discovered the oldest gold artifact ever found in the Americas.   The gold necklace is believed to be over 4,000 years old, with radiocarbon dating of surrounding material indicating it was made around 2100 BC, the researchers reported Monday.Mark Aldenderfer, an anthropologist at the University of Arizona, and his colleagues discovered the necklace in a burial pit near an adult skull in a village called...

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  • A landsman who is making his first voyage at sea; a novice who enters naval service from rural life.
According to the OED, a grass-comber is also 'a sailor's term for one who has been a farm-labourer.'