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2008-10-09 15:00:11

By Joan Morris Grab your torches and dust off your copy of "The Art of War" -- the 17th season of "Survivor: Gabon" swings into gear Thursday, sending 18 castaways back to Africa, which CBS is calling "Earth's last Eden." The tease from the network reads like the same old, same old: Survivors, extreme conditions, elephants, gorillas, alliances, blah, blah, blah. But leave it to host Jeff Probst to entice. "In a strange coincidence to 'Earth's last Eden' -- good vs. evil emerges as a major...

2008-10-04 06:00:10

By Joan Morris Dear Joan: Public Storage has a commercial running that shows a man, a woman and a baby in a covered wagon. I am sure the man is Buck Jones, a movie cowboy who died in a fire at the Cocoanut Grove night club in the 1940s. The woman holding the baby looks like Dana Delany, the actress from "Desperate Housewives." Is it her or just someone who looks like her? -- Lee McD., Pinole Dear Lee: I spoke with Clemente Teng with Public Storage, and he was able to tell me that...

2008-09-14 12:00:17

By Edward Reichel Deseret News It's difficult, if not downright impossible, not to like William Bolcom's music. He's an iconoclast who takes the best that European music has had to offer in the past 300 years and blends it with American 20th century idioms. While the resulting blend of styles isn't new to him (composers, and especially American composers, have been mixing styles for generations), Bolcom has managed to create a musical language that is distinctly his. His music has always...

2008-09-05 12:00:06

By Joan Morris Fluffing and folding the news Going boldly Our employers over the years have asked us for some odd things (showing up on time, meeting deadlines -- crazy things), but we think NASA takes the cake. The urinal cake, that is. One of the space agency's contractors, Hamilton Sundstrand, has asked employees to, excuse the imagery, hand over their pee for use in testing a space toilet that will orbit the moon for future missions there. Since real urine is full of unseen...

2008-09-01 06:00:33

By Joan Morris The last time the Diet Club met, we talked about finding the right diet, and this time we're going to discuss ways to stay motivated. Having just come back from a vacation in which I took the word vacation as literally as I could, I'm highly motivated to get back on my healthful eating regimen. From barbecued ribs in Kansas City to a peanut butter and chocolate frozen custard in Denver, I earned every one of the four pounds I packed on during my two weeks away. Usually...

2008-08-24 12:00:25

By Edward Reichel Deseret News For composer and pianist William Bolcom, 2008 is a milestone year. He turned 70 in May, and the occasion has been marked by ongoing celebrations across the country. "Tanglewood celebrated my birthday," Bolcom said in a phone interview, "and there have been a lot of other things going on. I've been on the road a lot this year." When the Deseret News spoke with him, Bolcom was at the Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, Calif., where his 2004 opera, "A...

2008-06-21 15:00:23

By Joan Morris, Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif. Jun. 21--Tough lessons At times, the Spin Cycle likes to drop its completely unhelpful tone and try to impart a measure of wisdom. And here it is. Let's say you manage to get a job in a jewelry store and a customer comes in and asks to see a very expensive ring. And then he asks to see another expensive ring, and another and another. And then starts hanging diamond necklaces around his neck and pointing ring-studded fingers at...

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