Latest Joe Biden presidential campaign Stories

2011-04-12 09:00:00

NEW YORK, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In an exclusive cover story to be published in PARADE magazine's April 24 issue, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr.

2009-06-12 22:41:12

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden told Michigan officials Friday the state will get another $2 billion to help it over the hump of auto industry problems. Biden spoke at a high school in Kalamazoo, the Detroit Free Press reported.

2008-11-04 15:25:00

Democratic U.S. vice presidential candidate Joe Biden arrived at his polling place in Wilmington, Del., hand-in-hand with his mother. His entrance sparked a round of applause as he waived to the crowd. "I'm Jean Biden's son," he told election judges, provoking a wave of laughter.

2008-11-02 03:00:13

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden accused Republican John McCain Saturday of taking "the low road to the highest office in the land." Speaking to supporters at a rally in Evansville, Ind., Biden predicted that the tone of the campaign would fall even more before Tuesday's election, CNN reported.

2008-10-14 00:00:21

By The Associated Press SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) - Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday accused the McCain campaign of trying to distract Americans from their economic woes by launching "unbecoming personal attacks" at Barack Obama.

2008-10-04 12:00:09

By Randall Chase Associated Press DOVER, Del. -- Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden told his son and other Delaware National Guard troops on Friday that his heart was "full of love and pride" as they prepared to leave for an assignment in Iraq.

2008-10-03 09:40:00

To: NATIONAL EDITORS Contact: Will Potter of the National Education Association, +1- 202-822-7823, wpotter@nea.org McCain-Palin would follow same flawed policies of the Bush administration WASHINGTON, Oct.

2008-10-03 09:40:00

Republican Sarah Palin criticized a version of a Barack Obama health-care plan that doesn't exist and Democrat Joe Biden clung to a misleading charge about Republicans and big oil when the two clashed in the vice presidential debate Thursday.

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