Latest Joe Biden presidential campaign Stories

2008-10-03 06:00:18

By Ken Dilanian and Richard Wolf A look at some of the claims made by Sen. Joe Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the vice presidential debate Thursday night in St.

2008-10-02 09:00:03

By BETH FOUHY By Beth Fouhy The Associated Press NEW YORK It's easily the most-anticipated vice presidential face-off ever, and Sarah Palin head s into her debate with Joe Biden weighed down by fresh evidence that voters doubt her readiness for the job.

2008-10-02 03:00:33

The Kilgore twins pounded the Democratic ticket of Sens. Barack Obama and Joseph R. Biden Jr. yesterday for what they called doublespeak on coal. Former Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore and his identical twin brother, Del. Terry G.

2008-09-30 00:00:25

By Dominic Lawson Joseph Robinette Biden - known to all as "Joe" - was once the most talked about American politician in Britain. Unfortunately for the senior Delaware Senator, all the talk was accompanied by incredulous laughter.

2008-09-26 21:00:23

By Hoppy Kercheval WEST Virginia Democratic leaders were thrilled when Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate. Finally, the reasoning went, a blue collar-type guy with Pennsylvania roots who can help the long-shot Obama campaign in West Virginia.

2008-09-26 00:00:15

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden took aim at the John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket this morning, telling a Greensburg audience that the Republican team is out of touch with U.S. workers and senior citizens.

2008-09-24 18:00:17

Republican John McCain was wrong on the "critical national security issues of our time," Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden says.

2008-09-22 18:00:15

The National Guard deserves to participate fully in military decision-making, Democratic U.S. vice presidential candidate Joe Biden said Monday. Biden told those attending the National Guard Association Conference in Baltimore "Your men and women are serving and dying.

2008-09-18 15:00:15

To: POLITICAL EDITORS Contact: John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform, +1-202-785- 0266, jkartch@atr.org. Is it "Patriotic" to raise taxes on small business? WASHINGTON, Sept.

2008-09-14 12:00:12

By Nedra Pickler Associated Press MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The vice presidential nominee you aren't hearing so much about, Democrat Joe Biden, is planning a more prominent role to help validate Barack Obama among white working- class voters and criticize the Republican rival he's long called a friend.

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