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2009-05-13 07:35:00

Current fishing quotas threaten the sustainability of fish stocks, warranting the need for sizeable cuts next year to more moderate levels, the European Commission proposed on Tuesday.  According to AFP, EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg advocated allowable catch reductions of "at least 25 percent" for the species most at risk, yet the commission's own scientific committee suggests fishing be terminated altogether.  "Slow progress has been made in stock recovery since the 2002...

2008-10-28 08:50:00

The European Union is granting more protection to exotic deepwater fish, some of which can live up to 150 years. Fisheries ministers agreed to major quota cuts for the next two years.Exotic fish like forkbeard, black scabbardfish, greater silver smelt and roundnose grenadier grow and reproduce far more slowly than fish in shallower waters.These deep sea species have become an attractive catch as trawlers switch from their regular fishing grounds due to the depletion of mainstay commercial...

2007-02-27 18:50:56

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The European Union's top fisheries official on Tuesday pressed for stronger protections for the overfished bluefin tuna, an increasingly rare delicacy in high-end restaurants around the world. EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg said he wants to extend the fishing offseason, reduce tuna sold on the black market, and impose new worldwide cuts in catch quotas as quickly as possible. The EU's 27 member states were expected to approve the measure within weeks, officials said....

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