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2011-04-06 11:25:00

GPS signals across the U.S. are threatened by a new, ultra-fast wireless Internet network that may interfere with everything from consumer navigation devices to police cars to airplanes, reports the Associated Press (AP). A government decision to let the satellite company LightSquared build a nationwide broadband network using airwaves next to those used by GPS has led to the problem of a possible jam in existing navigation systems. LightSquared's roots as a satellite operator have had their...

2010-09-13 09:30:00

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will meet on September 23 to iron out the final details of a new plan which would allow unused broadcast TV airwave bands for new, long-range Wi-Fi networks that could eliminate the need to find hotspots. "Super Wi-Fi," as FCC officials are reportedly calling it, will have "longer range and wall-piercing power," according to a Monday morning report from AP Technology Writer Joelle Tessler. It would be "like Wi-Fi on steroids," she added, and it...

2008-09-01 18:00:03

By Joelle Tessler; Jordan Robertson WASHINGTON - When a computer glitch at a Federal Aviation Administration center caused widespread airline delays this week, it served as a reminder that the U.S. flight system is waiting for a modernizing overhaul. But it also appears the FAA's management of its existing technologies falls short of standards in other vital sectors. By using computing practices that would be considered poor in credit card networks or power plant operators, for example,...

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