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2011-07-12 15:05:00

Neptune is closing in on its first full orbit since humans first saw the planet on September 23, 1846. As of July 12, 2011 the planet has completed one Neptunian year orbit cycle, which has lasted for a duration of 164.79 Earth years since Johann Gottfried Galle first saw the planet using French mathematician Urbain le Verrier's theories. Galle found Neptune after just an hour of searching in the night sky. Verrier shares credit for his predictions with British scientist John Couch Adams....

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Planet Neptune -- Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It is a gas giant. Orbiting so far from the sun, Neptune receives very little heat. Its 'surface' temperature is -218 degrees Celsius (below zero). However, the planet seems to have an internal source of heat. It is thought that this may be leftover heat generated by infalling matter during the planet's birth, now slowly radiating away into space. Neptune's atmosphere has the highest wind speeds in the solar system, up to...

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