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Doctors Should Check Patients For Frailty To Prevent Deaths
2013-06-05 15:03:51

Everyone older than 70 should be checked for frailty, a condition that is both easily treated and potentially deadly, according to an article by representatives from six major international and U.S. medical organizations.

2009-11-10 08:54:18

Saint Louis University researchers find low doses of protein linked to Alzheimer's disease enhances memory in healthy.

2009-01-23 19:20:31

A U.S. physician suggests doctors are not doing enough to pick up on problems associated with excessive weight loss -- a condition called cachexia. Dr.

2009-01-21 16:28:28

Doctors are not doing enough to pick up on problems with excessive weight loss, says a Saint Louis University physician who helped draft recent guidelines to diagnose the condition called "cachexia" (kuh-kex-ee-uh).

2004-12-01 03:00:12

One group of people in America might want to ignore all the warnings about the obesity epidemic: people older than 60. After that age, stop dieting, experts say.

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