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Doctors Should Check Patients For Frailty To Prevent Deaths
2013-06-05 15:03:51

Saint Louis University Saint Louis University geriatrician leads team of international experts on new research Everyone older than 70 should be checked for frailty, a condition that is both easily treated and potentially deadly, according to an article by representatives from six major international and U.S. medical organizations. "Frailty is extraordinarily common, affecting between 5 and 10 percent of those who are older than 70. Women are more likely to be frail than men," said...

2009-11-10 08:54:18

Saint Louis U. researchers find low doses of protein linked to Alzheimer's disease enhances memory in healthy While too much amyloid beta protein in the brain is linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease, not enough of the protein in healthy brains can cause learning problems and forgetfulness, Saint Louis University scientists have found. The finding could lead to better medications to treat Alzheimer's disease, said John Morley, M.D., director of the division of geriatrics at Saint...

2009-01-23 19:20:31

A U.S. physician suggests doctors are not doing enough to pick up on problems associated with excessive weight loss -- a condition called cachexia. Dr. John Morley, an endocrinologist at Saint Louis University who helped draft recent guidelines to diagnose cachexia -- published in the medical journal Clinical Nutrition -- said weight loss in sick people is an important indicator of disease and potentially impending death. Cachexia is an extraordinary problem for people who are having other...

2009-01-21 16:28:28

Saint Louis University doctor helps draft new guidelines for wasting disease Doctors are not doing enough to pick up on problems with excessive weight loss, says a Saint Louis University physician who helped draft recent guidelines to diagnose the condition called "cachexia" (kuh-kex-ee-uh). "In sick people, weight loss is an important indicator of disease and potentially impending death," said John Morley, M.D., an endocrinologist and director of the division of geriatric medicine at Saint...

2004-12-01 03:00:12

One group of people in America might want to ignore all the warnings about the obesity epidemic: people older than 60. After that age, stop dieting, experts say. Losing weight by not eating is dangerous for elders, so much so that even nursing homes have stopped serving diets that could promote weight loss, they say. If you want to lose weight, then exercise, but don't stop eating. A few things to remember: Dropping weight for younger people means an effort to reduce body fat. But for...

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