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2008-07-30 03:00:28

By Jim Minick jminick@radford.edu It's a land of rare sparrows, bobwhite quail and deer too many to count. It's a bend in the New River where German brothers first farmed corn and cattle in the 1740s. And now this place of thousands of acres is a land encircled by miles and miles of fence.

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2006-02-21 04:13:13

The Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) is a small sparrow with streaked brown upperparts, a light brown breast with streaks, and a white belly and throat. They have a pale stripe otop the crown and a dark stripe on each side, an olive face and neck, rust-colored wings and a short dark forked tail. Their breeding habitat is wet, shrubby fields located in southern Canada and the northeastern United States. The nest is a well-hidden open cup close to the ground in a grassy location and...

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  • Any of various tropical Old World birds of the family Indicatoridae, some species of which lead people or animals to the nests of wild honeybees. The birds eat the wax and larvae that remain after the nest has been destroyed for its honey.
Honeyguide birds have even been known to eat candles.