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2010-09-25 00:34:58

African-American victims of motorcycle crashes were 1.5 times more likely to die from their injuries than similarly injured whites, even though many more of the African-American victims were wearing helmets at the time of injury.

2010-08-30 14:30:00

Governor O'Malley to Lead Dignitaries at Shady Grove Groundbreaking ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug.

2010-07-22 09:11:26

The birth of a baby is usually a joyous event, but when a child is born too early, worrisome complications can occur, including serious health problems for the baby and steep medical bills for the family.

2010-06-09 14:22:00

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins have safely and effectively operated inside the brains of a dozen patients by making a small entry incision through the natural creases of an eyelid to reach the skull and deep brain.

2010-04-09 08:38:51

Sedation cut back so patients can exercise, which speeds recovery.

2010-02-26 09:48:29

Brain differences caused by known schizophrenia gene may explain late development of classic symptoms.

2010-02-25 08:40:00

Johns Hopkins researchers say recycling medical equipment saves money, reduces waste and is safe.

2010-02-16 09:26:54

In the wake of Johns Hopkins’ success in virtually eliminating intensive-care unit bloodstream infections via a simple five-step checklist, the safety scientist who developed and popularized the tool warns medical colleagues that they are no panacea.

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