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2008-09-03 09:00:26

By MIKE GRUSS FROM THE PEOPLE who brought you "Diamonds in the Raunch: Pro- life Positions Emerge in 'Knocked Up' and 'Waitress' " ... And from the writer of "Believing Is Seeing: The Rhetoric of Redemptive Wager in 'The Polar Express' " ... the story of a man who takes movies seriously. Very seriously. Marc Newman is an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Regent University in Virginia Beach. He has one of those great gigs teaching about the rhetoric of movies. He's...

2008-08-30 12:00:32

Terry Mattingly SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE For many years, Marc Newman used a simple test when asking college students if they thought some actions were always right and others were always wrong -- slavery. Then something strange happened . Students began to argue slavery might be acceptable in certain cultures under certain conditions. Who were they to judge others? So here is a new question. What if you had two ferries, and each contained a bomb. One is full of criminals while the...

2008-08-30 00:00:19

By JAMES VERNIERE The warm weather isn't completely gone, but it is time to wrap up the summer movie season. Heath Ledger's Joker was a boogeyman from beyond the grave. A trash compactor named Wall Originally published by By JAMES VERNIERE. (c) 2008 Boston Herald. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-08-27 18:00:00

By Dan O'Neill WELL, we're coming to the end of what's been billed as the Summer of the Superhero. Talk about men in tights. Hollywood can't get enough of 'em. So far Iron Man's been followed by The Hulk, that far- from-jolly Green Giant; Will Smith's Hancock, a sort of perpetually- sozzled Superman; Hellboy returning this week. Meanwhile, Spiderman and Superman will be back, we've had the Fantastic Four and X-Men and let's not forget sub-superheroes like Indiana Jones, the...

2008-08-17 21:00:35

By Terry Mattingly Scripps Howard News Service For many years, Marc Newman used a simple test when asking college students if they thought some actions were always right and others were always wrong -- slavery. Then something strange happened in his philosophy of communication classes. Students began arguing that slavery might be acceptable in certain cultures and under certain conditions. Besides, who were they to judge others? So here's a new question. What if you had two ferries and...

2008-08-10 21:00:19

By eamonn holmes THE British film censor keeps referring concerned parents to its website in the ongoing row about the classification of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. The organisation, charged with the responsibility of protecting the morals of the nation, defends the 12A rating by saying that "they have to strike a balance" and "any worried parents can get the best guidance from our website". So here goes. The site admits the film contains "moderate violence and sustained...

2008-08-10 00:00:17

By Camila Batmanghelidjh The indifference to human suffering in the caped crusader's latest foray is more shocking than the graphic violence that has excited its early critics. For young people used to images of cruelty, the film's lack of moral context is more dangerous by far The knife is shoved inside the victim's mouth and pulled from one side of the face to the other, the blade ripping a smile across the cheeks. The victim is petrified, frozen in terror, paralysed into...

2008-08-10 00:00:16

The dark protector of Gotham city's sky is back to rid the streets of crime! The latest blockbusting movie to hit the cinemas is the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight. Our secret superhero Bruce Wayne vowed to keep the city safe after seeing his parents taken away at an early age. Billionaire Bruce leads a double life, shy by day and batty by night Batman faces one of his greatest challenges yet as he confronts an old rival the Joker. He's ready for action and can't wait to...

2008-08-09 18:00:17

By Tony Parsons CONTROVERSY rages about the 12A rating for the new Batman movie. I thought a 12A rating meant you have to be 12 to witness all that glossy sadism. But actually it means children under 12 have to be accompanied by an adult if they are interested in seeing Heath Ledger's Joker poke out someone's eye with a pencil. I went with my grown-up son but we could have taken my six-year- old daughter. She was too busy playing My Little Pony, but I was shocked to see rows of...

2008-08-07 12:00:00

I saw this movie recently, and it made me rethink every other movie I'd ever seen. It made me wonder why so many other movies paled in comparison, and at 157 minutes in the wee hours of a Friday morning, it made me wonder if there would be a part boring enough for me to rest my eyes. There wasn't. The Dark Knight had everything except dullness. There was tragedy, comedy, thrills, chills and some awesome kills as Batman (Christopher Bale) faced two of the coolest villains in the history of...

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