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black ghost knifefish
2014-02-17 04:18:53

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online The black ghost knifefish, a type of electric creature found in the Amazon basin of South America, has inspired researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois to develop new aquatic technology that could be used to study coral reefs, repair damaged deep-sea oil rigs or investigate sunken ships. According to BBC News Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos, black ghost knifefish let off a tiny current as they swim in...

Russian Team Becomes First To Reach Subglacial Lake
2012-02-09 06:05:58

After two decades of on-again, off-again work, a team of Russian scientists claim to have successfully drilled through the frozen crust of Antarctica and into a gigantic, subglacial body of water that had been buried beneath the ice for millions of years. The body of water in question is Lake Vostok, which according to BBC News Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos is one of more than 300 glacial lakes known to exist on that continent. Lake Vostok had been untouched for at least 14...

Polar Bears Turning To Cannibalism To Survive
2011-12-09 08:26:25

One prominent wildlife expert and photojournalist has gathered pictures proving that arctic polar bears trapped on land will turn to cannibalism in order to survive. Jenny Ross, described by UPI as an environmental photojournalist, witnessed a polar bear eating what she initially believed was a seal carcass, then dragging it across the ice at Olgastretet, a stretch of water in the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. However, as she got closer, she realized that it was, in fact, the...

Sea Launch Completes First Post-Bankruptcy Liftoff
2011-09-26 04:04:42

  A spacecraft launch service operating from a mobile sea platform in the Pacific Ocean successfully completed their first launch since emerging from bankruptcy protection in late 2010, BBC News Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos reported on Saturday. Sea Launch, which completed Chapter 11 reorganization procedures on October 27 of last year, launched the Atlantic Bird 7 broadcast satellite from its Odyssey Launch Platform. The launch, which took place near the Equator, was the...

2010-11-22 09:15:00

A British project to design and build a car that can travel 1,000mph is proceeding as planned, and the vehicle could be ready to make a run at the World Land Speed Record within the next two years, according to BBC News reports on Sunday. According to Jonathan Amos, a science correspondent with the British news bureau, construction on the rear end of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) will start in January 2011, and the super-quick vehicle could make a run at the record sometime in 2012. In...

2010-08-23 09:20:00

Bacteria taken from a small fishing hamlet in the UK and placed on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS) for more than a year not only managed to survive the journey, but continue to thrive in laboratory conditions, according to a recent BBC News report. In an August 23 story by Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos, the microbes were taken from cliffs at the English village of Beer and placed on the exterior of the ISS "to see how they would cope in the hostile conditions that...

2010-07-19 09:50:00

A full scale replica of the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC) - a 40-plus foot long vehicle designed to go more than 1,000 mph - was unveiled over the weekend at the Farnborough International Air Show. According to BBC News Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos, the Bloodhound SSC is the brainchild of a British team that includes Chief Engineer Mark Chapman, Wing Commander Andy Green, Project Director Richard Noble, and Chief Aerodynamicist Ron Ayers. Amos reports that the 1:1 model was completed...

2010-07-14 10:58:35

The manufacturers of an unmanned solar-powered aircraft are preparing the plane to fly non-stop for two full weeks, according to a BBC News report on Wednesday. The Zephyr solar plane, which was conceived and constructed by a British defense firm known as QinetiQ, will be launching from the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground base, located in Arizona. The Zephyr has already flown unofficially for more than 82 continuous hours. However, as previous flights were not witnessed by officials at the...

2010-04-26 10:15:00

The Galileo satellite-navigation system - Europe's answer to the GPS - took a giant step forward on Monday, as the initial spacecraft's payload was shipped to Rome from the Portsmouth, UK factory where it was developed, according to BBC News science correspondent Jonathan Amos. The payload in question is the Proto-flight Model 1, which will include the equipment necessary to record and transmit location and timing data to users, according to Amos. "The 1.5m-by-1.5m-by-3m box leaving...

2010-03-17 07:20:00

The project to produce the fastest car in the world can move forward now that the makers have fixed a stability issue that caused the vehicle's rear end to experience lift at high speeds, the project's technical director told BBC News on Tuesday. The Bloodhound SSC was being built not only to break the existing land-speed record of 763mph, but also to shatter the 1,000mph barrier. However, the 42-foot long, 14,000-plus pound vehicle had experienced a series of technical setbacks since the...

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