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Eggs Of Enigmatic Dinosaur Discovered
2012-04-11 03:58:13

An Argentine-Swedish research team has reported a 70 million years old pocket of fossilized bones and unique eggs of an enigmatic birdlike dinosaur in Patagonia. What makes the discovery unique are the two eggs preserved near articulated bones of its hindlimb. This is the first time the eggs are found in a close proximity to skeletal remains of an alvarezsaurid dinosaur, says Dr. Martin Kundrát, dinosaur expert from the group of Professor Per Erik Ahlberg at Uppsala...

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2009-09-29 14:07:30

Noasaurus, or "Northwestern Argentina lizard", is a genus of carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period (late Campanian-Maastrichtian age). It was discovered in Argentina by Jaime Powell and José Bonaparte. The type species, N. leali, was described by Bonaparte and Powell in 1980. It is a close relative of the larger abelisaurs that shared its habitat. Both of these animals are derived from the same Ceratosaurus-type ancestor. The discovery of the closely related Masiakasaurus,...

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